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We stopped providing updates and support for the module “Progressive Web App for Magento 2″ from June 1, 2019. Now, we are providing an advanced solution to convert Magento websites to Progressive Web App using Magento 2 PWA Theme.
Different from the old module with limited features of PWA, our new solution will bring about a comprehensive revolution to your store. It will replace your current Magento front-end with modern PWA storefront and provide the API to connect your back-end with your PWA. As a result, not only your mobile user experience but also your desktop user experience will be improved significantly.
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Product Description

What is Magento Progressive Web App?

The Magento Progressive Web Apps (PWA) combine the pluses of the mobile web and native apps to create state-of-the-art technology. When the customers visit the site for the first time, they will be invited to use the Progressive Web App by adding it to their homescreen – just one click, no complicated installation required. Then, it will open a door of great experience with the accelerated loading speed, even on the flaky network, useful push notifications, instant access on homescreen, and so on. Needless to say, the PWA is a perfect solution for Magento store owners to drive shopper engagement and revenue.

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How much does it cost to build Magento Progressive Web Apps?

Now, we are providing Magento PWA Integration service at a very competitive price. Your Progressive Web App will be built based on our ready-made Magento 2 PWA theme, which will help to reduce the time and cost for development. Otherwise, if you seek other service providers, they will have to develop PWA for your store from scratch with a longer time and higher cost for sure.

Contact us now to get the best price for your PWA implementation project!


What are special features of the Progressive Web Apps for Magento 2?

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Quickly Add To Homescreen
Once the shoppers visit your store for the first time on their mobile, they will be prompted to add a shortcut to their homescreen instantly to access your Magento Progressive Web App. After that, they will have a chance to experience the app-like look and full-screen mode – without the distraction of the URL bar. Compared to persuading them to install a native app, it would be much easier to earn a place on the buyers’ homescreen, right?

Engaging Push Notifications
With this amazing feature, you can engage and draw customers’ attention even when their browser is closed. You can easily notify your buyers of your promotional campaigns, introduce your latest products and simply remind you to visit your store after a long time. In the future, this might be a better way to approach the customers than the traditional email marketing since people are likely to click on a push notification than open an email.

Easy Updates
Similar to the usual web pages, the Magento Progressive Web App can be updated at ease once the page is refreshed.
Lightning Load Speed
More than 50% of visitors will leave if your mobile version takes more than 3 seconds to load. With Progressive Web App for Magento 2, the page is loaded nearly instantly – in milliseconds, not seconds. Therefore, your customers will not see the flash of the white screen when navigating between pages and the page header will persist throughout the transition.

Convenient Offline Mode
This is impossible for both webs and apps but not for the Magento PWA. Under poor or non-existent connectivity, the customers can still continue browsing in your Magento store as long as they have visited your pages. As a result, they can enjoy the seamless shopping experience in your store – anywhere they go – even in uncertain network areas like elevator or subway.

Searchable By Search Engines
Since the Magento 2 Progressive Web App has the same structure as the websites, they can be optimized, searchable by search engines and shared via URLs as well.

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Why is Progressive Web App necessary for your Magento store?

There are 3 persuasive reasons that explain why the building a Magento Progressive Web App is a must for your Magento e-commerce store:

Firstly, the number of mobile users are rocketing but either the mobile web or the native apps have many limitations.

In spite of being responsive and optimized for mobile, the mobile web cannot prove its capability to drive conversion rates. In contrast, the native app seems to be more effective but it asks you to invest a significant amount of time, money and effort to build an app. Additionally, most of the customers are hesitate to download an app just to make their one-time purchase.
Luckily, the Magento Progressive Web App can help you to solve all of these headache problems:

  • You don’t need to have an ample budget to acquire an app (free download at our store).
  • It takes just a few seconds to install.
  • It allows the customers to access the web app just by one click.
  • It provides an amazing app-like experience to boost your conversions.

Secondly, the Progressive Web Apps can help you to stay ahead in the competition.

Until 2018, the Progressive Web App is predicted to be updated into Magento Commerce Community, but you can make it a part of your store right now by installing the free extension at Tigren.
Currently, there are not many e-commerce stores knowing tremendous benefits from the Magento Progressive Web App or are not be able to build it. Therefore, let’s grasp this change to become one of the first Magento store taking advantage of this technology and stand out in your niche market.

Thirdly, with Progressive Web App for Magento, you will see an exponential growth in sales.

By blending the best features of the web apps and the mobile applications, the Magento PWA will bring about an awesome experience for the customers, and stimulate their purchases. Alibaba, AliExpress, Flipkart, and Lancome are large e-commerce businesses who have adopted the Progressive Web App technology and gained significant successes.

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What do you need to install the Progressive Web App for Magento 2?

There is only one requirement for your store to acquire the Magento PWA, which is Hypertext Transport Secure (HTTPs). Your site needs to have an SSL or TLS certificate installed on your web server in order to prevent snooping and ensure your content hasn’t been tampered with.

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It’s time to merge your Magento store with Progressive Web Apps!






Please open the front-end demo on your mobile devices.

Accessing the Backend Demo by this Account: tigren_admin (Username) & Admin123$ (Password)


Version 1.0.0

Date: October 2, 2017

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5 out of 5


Easy to install and configure, work at the first try, good module.

5 out of 5


This Magento Progressive Web Apps extension is amazing! I have found another paid PWA extension but with less features. It’s so good for a free extension.

5 out of 5


5 stars for this progressive web apps extension!

5 out of 5


Great and quick services, they help me to install progressive web apps in just few minutes.

5 out of 5


This PWA extension has lots of useful features. Have to try them all! And the support team is fast and so good!

5 out of 5


Love this progressive web application. Thank for giving us a chance to use PWA before Magento updates it.

5 out of 5


The extension is of first rate. I’m extremely satisfied.

5 out of 5


Progressive web apps are much better than mobile apps when it comes to SEO. Thank for great extension!

5 out of 5


I’m very impressed with this progressive web app. It’s free but has enough special functions of Google progressive web apps.

5 out of 5


This is a great extension backed by excellent technical support!

5 out of 5


I’m interested in all of your free Magento 2 extensions from Ajax suite, Ajax cart to Splash page and now… Progressive web apps. Keep moving

5 out of 5


The apps can be accessed both offline and online and we don’t need to submit PWA to app stores for approval, which really speeds up the entire process. It’s such an useful extension.

4 out of 5


If this progressive web app magento extension can support iOS I will give it 5 stars…

5 out of 5


This is one of the most satisfactory progressive web apps extensions I’ve used. Everything is documented properly and works out of the box.

5 out of 5


Great free magento plugin!

5 out of 5


This progressive web apps extension is just what I’m looking for. First, I want to build a native app but it’s too expensive and PWA is just a perfect alternative.

5 out of 5


Unbelievable, this progressive web app is free. I thought that we have to wait Magento for a long time to apply this new technology!

5 out of 5


The user guide is detailed and very easy to understand so that I can install progressive web apps quickly to my magento store. Can’t wait to see whether my conversions improve or not.

5 out of 5


I was amazed by the loading speed of this progressive web apps. It’s seem like using a native app but easier to install in the phone.

5 out of 5


It’s just what I’m looking for. First, I planned to build a native app but it costs a lot and then I found a perfect alternative – progressive web apps.

5 out of 5


I have installed the progressive web apps for my Magento store. I will measure its effectiveness on the site in the next few months.

5 out of 5


Downloaded this extension and was really happy with it.
Keep up the good work!

4 out of 5


I’m very interested in Google PWA technology and your extension.

4 out of 5


Hope that this magento progressive web app will bring good outcomes to my store!

4 out of 5


I wish that I knew this magento progressive web app sooner!

5 out of 5


This magento PWA makes me reconsider whether building a native app or not!

5 out of 5


This Magento progressive web app is running like an actual app and even better since we don’t need the network connection to view visited pages!

4 out of 5


The best progressive web app extension for magento that I have used so far.

5 out of 5


It’s so amazing, our magento store has seen a significant increase in conversions over a few weeks after using this progressive web app extension!

4 out of 5


This pwa for magento module is even much better than the one that I had to pay a lot of money to buy. I wish that Tigren had released it sooner.

4 out of 5


Awesome magento progressive web app extension as well as Tigren support team!

5 out of 5


The pwa magento works the same as the demo – fast speed, full-screen mode, push notification, offline mode, …

4 out of 5


Although it’s a free plugin, Tigren still gives me a great support. 5 stars for their support service and 4 stars for this magento pwa module.

4 out of 5


Thank Tigren for such a great magento progressive web app extension. Hoping that you will update the version with iOS supported!

4 out of 5


This is the best Magento progressive web app – easy to use and work perfectly.

4 out of 5


Totally happy with this magento 2 pwa module.

4 out of 5


Nice demo for PWA.

5 out of 5


It’s great to experience PWA before Magento officially releases it. Thank the team.

4 out of 5

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This extension is pretty good can you guys help me out to add add to home screen option to my pwa and offline mode in pwa application.

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