Ultimate Magento 2 Mobile App

The Ultimate Mobile App for Magento 2 is a modern hybrid app based on the Ionic framework, with elegant flat design that will help to create the best shopping experience over mobile devices for your customers.

  • Run smoothly on different mobile platforms
  • Clean and product-centered design
  • Instant login with Facebook
  • Easy and fast checkout
  • Convenient accordion menu
  • Powerful search, filter and sorting
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Horizontal customer account menu
  • Useful push notifications
  • Seamless synchronizations
  • Valuable deep linking

Product Description

Why Is Hybrid A Good Choice For Magento 2 Mobile App?

As you might know, the hybrid mobile apps fall in the middle of the spectrum of native apps and web apps and combine the best of both worlds. One the one hand, you can easily download a hybrid app from app stores and install it on your device just like a native app. On the other hand, like web apps, the hybrid apps are built with Javascript, HTML and CSS and especially cross-platform frameworks. As a result, owing to the hybrid technology, we can build flexible and functional Magento 2 Mobile App.

Another tremendous benefit from this hybrid Magento 2 Mobile App is that while the customers will enjoy the same experience with a native app, you can save a great amount of money and effort from development and maintenance across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, etc.).

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Now, Are You Ready To Fall In Love With Our Magento 2 Mobile App?

“Beauty from the outside in…!”

First and foremost, Magento 2 Mobile App is “dressed” by an elegant flat design with minimalistic approach that emphasizes the usability. With the criterion of “Less is more” and “Simplicity is the key”, it helps capture the users’ attention to your products. If there is any aspect serving no functional purpose, and distracting from user experience, it will be eliminated.

Moreover, the mobile design applies bright and contrasting colors in order to make the some important parts stand out, give them meaning and guide the viewers’ eyes. For example, all of the “Add-to-cart” buttons are vivid orange with the aim of increasing the visibility of your call-to-action and therefore boost your sale conversions.

magento 2 mobile app design


Let’s have a closer look at the Magento 2 Mobile App:

At the top left of the page, there is a hamburger menu (three lines stacked together) allowing the buyers to click through and have a glimpse of all categories in your shop. In general, most of the Magento stores offer plenty of different product categories so the hamburger menu will be an ideal option to create a tidy and uncluttered header.

Besides, locating at the top right of the page is the search icon for the customers to find their favorite products quickly among hundreds of items in your store.

Under the header in the homepage, there is a banner slider where you can show the latest promotional campaigns (e.g.: sale, new arrival, new collection, …) to grab attention. The next fundamental parts are the Featured Categories carousel and the Hot Sellers/ Featured products in your store.

The tab bar at the bottom of the page includes 5 components: Home, Search, Cart, Wishlist and Account.

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“This Magento 2 Mobile App is not only Nice but also Intelligent”

Checkout Is Always Important: For an online shopping store, checkout is one of the first concerns. With Mobile App for Magento 2, the checkout is fast and easy with 3 steps: entering Shipping Address and Shipping Method, selecting Payment Method, reviewing the order and finally placing the order.

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Instant Login With Facebook
Since most the online users have Facebook accounts, social login is fundamental to provide easy and fast login process and get higher conversion rate for registrations. In rare cases that the customers don’t want to login via Facebook, they can still sign in/ register in a traditional way.

Convenient Accordion Menu
As mentioned before, a Magento store usually has a great deal of categories as well as subcategories. Therefore, using the accordion menu will help the users to navigate among the app’s main sections while still be able to browse the subsection of another.

Powerful Search, Filter and Sorting
The search option is available at the app header and the tab bar, facilitating convenient access to the items that the shoppers are looking for. Also, in each category, there is a layered navigation for them to filter and sort products by various attributes (e.g.: size, material, price, …).

Product Reviews and Ratings
The Magento 2 Mobile App also allows your buyers to leave their feedback and give ratings for any products in your store by clicking on “Write A Review” on the product detail page.

Seamless Synchronizations
The Magento 2 Mobile App provides you with real-time sync of data between your web store and mobile app. This means that any changes on the website to the product details, catalog, customer profiles, shipping rates, inventory, languages, etc. will be reflected automatically in the app.
Horizontal Customer Account Menu
The account dashboard consists of Account Information, My Address, My Orders, My Wishlist, Newsletter Subscription, Product Reviews and Downloadable Product. If the user has already provided their shipping address in “My Account”, it will be automatically updated in the Checkout.

Wishlist Manager
The customers can view their saved products with details (color, size, quantity and price) in the wishlist. In addition, here they are able to write a note for each item as well as add these products to cart at ease.

Push Notifications
This is one of the most pivotal features of the Magento 2 Mobile App, which will give you a hand to inform your customers about the latest news and promotions or simply to remind them about their abandoned cart.

Deep Linking
Owing to this feature, when the users search for anything in your store via search engines or receive a push notification, they will be redirected to a particular location in your app. For example, a customer gets a notification about Black Friday Sale from your app. When he taps the link, it will take him to the page in the app where relevant sale items are available. Without this deep linking feature, he would get dumped into the page he last visited before closing your app.

Various Payment Methods
Magento 2 Mobile App supports both online and offline payment methods including Cash on delivery, Check/ Money order, Credit card and Bank transfer, etc., which will be displayed at the checkout.


(Please switch to 1080pHD resolution to get the best video quality)


How To Build Your Magento 2 Mobile App?

magento 2 mobile app builder

To build your new e-commerce app based on our Magento 2 Mobile App, please conduct these following simple steps:

    • Step 1: You must send your request by submitting necessary information in this Contact Form. Please enter Your Name and Your Email (later we will send your app to this email). In the Subject field, please enter: “Magento 2 Mobile App_[Your Name]”. Next, in the Your Message field, you must provide us with your website URL.

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  • Step 2: We will build your app as soon as receiving your request (this process will last 1-2 days).
  • Step 3: Please get your ready-made Magento 2 mobile app in your registered email. Besides, we also send you a module that you have to install to your site and make some basic configurations to activate the app.
  • Step 4: (optional) Although the app that we build for you has enough fundamental features, you might need to customize some functions and templates to better suit your business. We’re glad to offer the customization service with reasonable price. Please contact us by sending email to info@tigren.com for more information!