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Advanced Page Builder

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Adobe Page Builder

This add-on helps to add more advanced features to the Page Builder supported by PWA Studio. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Page Builder makes it easier to create new CMS pages without the need for coding.

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Why Adobe Page Builder Integration

Reduce time and costs for building and updating pages of your Magento PWA.

By having the Page Builder add-on, you can create simple pages on your Magento Progressive Web App or update the design of existing pages. And you don't need to be a webmaster or have solid coding skills.

With the intuitive and easy-to-use Page Builder, you can quickly create new CMS pages with drag-and-drop or add more blocks of content (e.g.: images, product sliders, videos, and other elements) to your current pages. This can be very useful if you want to make changes to your PWA without affecting the rest of your store.

Supported Features

The Adobe Page Builder add-on for Magento PWA will provide you with the following range of features:

  • Create content by dragging-and-dropping pre-built controls
  • Enter and customize the content in form editors
  • Extend existing content types
  • Create new content types
  • Configure the start & end time for banners
  • Change the button text & background colors
  • Add the component of category list
  • Load products by SKUs instead of URL keys
  • Add more product data to show on the product list
  • Improve the carousel mode
  • Select between eager and lazy loading for banners
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