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Advanced Checkout

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Advanced Checkout

This add-on can enhance the checkout process of your Magento Progressive Web App (PWA). It comprises a range of advanced features enabling customers to have a faster and more user-friendly checkout experience.

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Why Advanced Checkout Integration

Streamline and accelerate the checkout process.

This is a set of advanced features for improving customers’ checkout process with outstanding functions:

It allows customers to checkout without login or create an account after checkout. This convenience is particularly beneficial for first-time buyers or those who may not be tech-savvy.

Besides, this add-on also automates the pre-filling of information such as the region code, country name, and payment method based on the configuration settings. This speeds up the shopping process for customers and minimizes the risk of errors during payment because it is designed to prevent multiple clicks on the "place order" button, ensuring a smoother and more secure payment experience. That's why Advanced Checkout is a valuable addition to your e-business!

Enhance user flexibility:

The Advanced Checkout add-on streamlines the checkout process by allowing guest checkout for quick purchases and offering the option to create an account after checkout. This dual approach ensures a hassle-free and accommodating checkout experience, catering to both new and returning shoppers.

Prevent duplicate orders:

The add-on prevents clicking many times in the place order button, reducing the likelihood of duplicate orders and billing errors caused by accidental clicks, leading to smoother transactions.

Integrate extension features:

The add-on allows reviewing of features from the extension to the current core, facilitating seamless integration and ensuring that the extension complements the existing core functionality effectively.

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