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Bundle Product

Creating bundle products has always been a valuable strategy in the world of e-commerce. However, if you've transitioned your store to Magento's cutting-edge PWA Studio, you might have noticed that this powerful feature is missing. That's where we come in! Our Bundle Product Add-on for PWA Studio is your definitive solution to bring the bundle product functionality to your Magento PWA store.

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Why Bundle Product Integration

Give your customers the ability to craft their own products

A bundle product is like a canvas of possibilities, allowing your customers to create their dream product by selecting from a variety of components. Whether it's building their own computer, crafting a customized gift set, or curating a unique fashion ensemble, bundle products empower your customers to personalize their shopping experience like never before.

However, PWA Studio lacks the native support for creating bundle products—a feature that has been proven to boost average order values and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Bundle Product Add-on seamlessly integrates with your PWA Studio-powered Magento store, bridging the gap and reintroducing the coveted bundle product feature. This means that you can continue to harness the power of progressive web apps while offering your customers the engaging and customizable shopping experience they desire.

Drive Customer Engagement and Satisfaction:

Give your customers the ability to build their own unique products by selecting from a range of customizable options. This not only enhances their shopping experience but also boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Unlock New Revenue Streams:

With the power to create bundles, you can introduce innovative product offerings, upsell complementary items, and encourage larger purchases, all of which contribute to increased sales and revenue.

Seamlessly Integrated Solution:

Our Bundle Product Add-on seamlessly integrates into your PWA Studio environment, preserving the performance, speed, and user experience your customers love while adding a powerful new dimension to your product catalog.

With our Bundle Product Add-on for PWA Studio, you're not just adding a feature; you're unlocking potential. Personalized shopping experiences, higher engagement, and increased sales are at your fingertips.

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