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Checkout Failure Page

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Checkout Failure Page

Magento does not have this function but our add-on helps add the Checkout failure page to your Magento Progressive Web App (PWA). After a checkout failure, customers will be automatically redirected to the checkout failure page. This feature serves as a notification to customers about the failure and provides them with another opportunity to proceed with the checkout process successfully.

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Why Checkout Failure Page Integration

Notify the online checkout failure and reduce cart abandonment.

In some cases, customers may not be aware of the issue until they reach the checkout failure page. This provides customers an opportunity to make another payment without starting the entire process from scratch.

On the checkout failure page, customers have the option to click on the order number to access their order information. This allows them to review the details and identify any mistakes promptly, making it possible to make necessary changes and complete the purchase without delay.

Enhance shopping experience:

Notifying errors and smoothly addressing checkout issues keeps customers happy and ensures they don't abandon their purchases, making their shopping experience even better.

Unlock sales potential:

The checkout failure page provides an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell related products or services, offer discounts or incentives to complete the purchase or encourage customers to create an account for a smoother checkout experience in the future.

Tailor brand experience:

Checkout failure pages offer the ability to customize their appearance to align with your brand's messaging and design, ensuring a consistent and professional look even when checkout errors occur.

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