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This add-on helps integrate with your Magento Progressive Web App (PWA). Based on user behavior data, it provides highly personalized product suggestions to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting the probability of customers purchasing additional products, thereby increasing the average order value and maximizing revenue for e-commerce businesses.

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Why Integration

Personalizing the customer experience optimizes shopping experience, making customers feel valued and building sustainable relationships.

Clerk is acknowledged as the world's best-rated e-commerce personalization platform. By harnessing its capabilities, your e-commerce business can personalize customer experiences by suggesting products that align with their interests and needs. This personal touch fosters a sense of being appreciated and they are more likely to continue purchasing from and engaging with the business over time.

The add-on can be easily incorporated into the shopping cart page, category page, and product details page, allowing for personalized product suggestions at different stages of their shopping journey, and enabling the growth of cross-selling and upselling. For these reasons, is a must-have add-on to your e-commerce site.

Work well with PWA Solutions:'s compatibility with both PWA Venia and Tigren PWA ensures that you can seamlessly integrate its features into your Progressive Web Application (PWA).

Personalize Shopping Experience:

It uses advanced algorithms and data analytics to suggest customers with relevant search results and product recommendations, increasing conversion rates because they are more likely to purchase products that match their interests and needs.

Recommend products on pages:

Displaying product recommendations on various pages, including category pages, product pages, and shopping carts encourages customers to explore more items and make additional purchases, thus boosting revenue.

Track the orders:'s ability to track orders is essential for both customers and your business. Customers can easily check the status of their orders, while you can use this data for order management, inventory control, and analytics to improve your business operations.

Support Payment Methods: supports all offline payment methods and online payment methods, including Sagepay, Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay; other online payment methods require customization.

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