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Custom Product Options

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Custom Product Options

PWA Studio does not support the feature of creating custom product options, leaving merchants with a limited scope for offering personalized products. Our Custom Product Options add-on was meticulously crafted to address this challenge head-on. With it, you can effortlessly integrate a variety of custom options into your Magento PWA store, from dropdowns to radio buttons, checkboxes to multiple selects.

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Why Custom Product Options Integration

Effortlessly incorporate a diverse array of custom options into your products

Custom product options have long been a cornerstone of Magento-powered online stores, providing merchants the flexibility to offer tailored choices to their customers. However, when it comes to Magento PWAs built with PWA Studio, a crucial feature was missing – the seamless ability to create and manage these custom options.

Our Custom Product Options add-on for PWA Studio has been meticulously crafted to bridge the gap, ensuring that the robust capabilities you've come to associate with custom options seamlessly extend to your Magento PWA store.

Versatile Option Types:

Your customers deserve choices, and you deserve the ability to offer them. With Custom Product Options, you can easily create and manage various custom options, including drop-downs, radio buttons, checkboxes, and multiple selects. This means your customers can tailor their purchases to their unique preferences.

1. Dropdown Menus: Provide a selection of choices to suit different preferences and needs.

2. Radio Buttons: Allow customers to make a single selection from a range of options.

3. Checkboxes: Enable multiple selections for those items that deserve a little extra attention.

4. Multiple Select: Give customers the flexibility to choose multiple options with ease.

Seamless PWA Studio Integration:

Our add-on seamlessly integrates with your PWA Studio-powered Magento store, giving you the power to offer custom product options just like traditional Magento websites. No need for complex coding or extensive modifications – we've designed it to fit right into your existing setup.

Whether you're selling personalized gifts, configurable electronics, or tailor-made fashion items, our add-on ensures that you're never limited by PWA Studio's capabilities.

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