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Email to Friend

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Email to Friend

Email to friend add-on can be integrated with your Magento Progressive Web App (PWA) for product sharing. With this functionality, customers can effortlessly send their friends detailed product links via email, expanding your customer network and fostering connections.

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Why Email to Friend Integration

Sharing products via email is an effortless strategy to draw more customers to your online store.

Whenever customers come across a unique product, their natural inclination is to share it with their friends. This add-on will let them easily share via email with a personal message. This turns customers into promoters for your online store, potentially bringing in new customers through their recommendations.

The Email to Friend add-on provides benefits not only to customers but also to your e-business. That's why you should integrate it now.

Share a product directly through their email with a message:

This add-on empowers users to effortlessly share products with friends and contacts directly through email, accompanied by personalized messages. This feature promotes organic and word-of-mouth marketing, as satisfied customers become brand advocates.

The number of people sharing will depend on your settings at the backend:

The Email to Friend add-on allows you to control and customize the number of people a user can share products with. This level of backend control ensures that your sharing mechanism aligns with your marketing strategy and objectives.

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