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Multi-step Checkout

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Multi-step Checkout

This add-on helps integrate the multi-step checkout feature into your Magento Progressive Web App (PWA). When all the information is presented on a single page, it can be overwhelming for individuals who struggle to process a large amount of information at once. Therefore, dividing checkout information into clear parts can prevent confusion and ensure that customers notice important details.

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Why Multi-step Checkout Integration

Ensure that customers fill out all required checkout information correctly and thoroughly.

Multi-step checkout includes 3 steps: Shipping address, Shipping method and Payment method & Billing address. Breaking down the checkout into manageable steps encourages customers to focus on each piece of required information individually, making sure they don't miss essential details. In essence, this approach enhances the overall quality of data input, leading to more successful and error-free transactions, ultimately benefiting both customers and businesses alike.

Minimizes errors:

By breaking down the process, the addon minimizes the risk of errors in customer-provided information. This leads to fewer order fulfillment problems and customer inquiries related to incorrect data.

Streamline data collection:

E-businesses can systematically arrange data into separate categories without overwhelming customers. Each step focuses on specific details, such as shipping addresses, shipping methods, and payment information, ensuring that all necessary information is captured accurately.

Accelerate checkout process:

Unlike one-step checkout, multi-step checkout mandates that users complete each preceding step before progressing to the next one. This approach ensures that customers complete and accurate information and optimizes the checkout journey, making it more efficient and faster for users.

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