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Popup Manager

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Popup Manager

This add-on helps to integrate the Popup Manager function with your Magento Progressive Web App (PWA). It allows customers to preview product pages and add necessary items to their cart without having to leave the page they are on. This can help speed up the catalog browsing process and provide customers with a positive shopping experience.

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Why Popup Manager Integration?

Create and manage custom popups with ease to capture more leads and convert more sales.

Pop-up ads are a common marketing tool that is used to grab users' attention. There is evidence showing that pop-ups are effective in raising online conversion rates significantly provided that the shop owners take their advantage wisely and strategically.

Popup Manager is a powerful add-on that allows Magento online stores to create popup windows that draw potential customers’ attention from the appealing appearance of discounts, subscriptions, etc. The best part is that it allows store owners to create attractive and engaging popups without having any technical knowledge or experience in programming.

Feature Highlights

The Eway Payments add-on for Magento PWA will provide you with the following range of features:

  • Create different types of popup
  • Target popups to particular customer groups and store views
  • Set up the valid date, the cookie expires, display time
  • Show responsive popups on all devices
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