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Tap Payment

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Tap Payment

Tap Payment stands out as one of the most popular payment gateways in the Middle East region. Therefore, if you have an online store in this area or have plans to target this market, integrating the Tap Payment add-on into your Progressive Web App (PWA) is essential for ensuring a smooth payment experience for e-customers.

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Why Tap Payment Integration

Optimize the customer transaction process and enable e-businesses to connect with potential customers even at a distance.

Payment is the final step in the shopping journey, but customers may abandon their carts if it gets too complicated. That's where the Tap Payment add-on steps in, offering customers the flexibility to use their preferred local card, a regional card, or even an international credit card while ensuring the security of personal data.

For e-businesses running online stores, GoSell is a useful payment processing option you should focus on. Within the checkout library, you will find two checkout modes: a pop-up and a redirect page, allowing customers to choose the option that suits them best. With Tap Payment, simplifying the checkout experience and keeping customers engaged throughout their shopping journey is more feasible.

Ensure personal information security:

Tap Payment ensures the security of customer's personal information during transactions, enhancing trust and compliance with data protection regulations.

Accept diverse payment cards and support multi-currencies:

It accepts a wide range of local, regional, and global cards, making transactions more accessible in various currencies.

Save payment information:

Customers can securely save their payment information for future purchases, streamlining the checkout process and improving the overall shopping experience.

Offer versatile transaction and checkout modes:

It provides multiple transaction modes, including Charge, Authorize, Save Card, and Token, and offers two checkout modes - goSell Lightbox popup or goSell payment page to align with website design and enhance the customer experience.

Generate automatic receipts:

After every successful payment, Tap Payment generates and sends email or SMS receipts to customers, ensuring transparency and providing a record of the transaction for their convenience.

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