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Planning for Magento 2 Upgrade? 5 Essential Questions to Ask

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Magento 2 Upgrade, or migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, has been becoming a “must” for all Magento e-commerce websites.

The reason is that Magento will soon stop supporting Magento 1 (at the end of 2018).

Therefore, now it’s perfect time to do the upgrade!

It goes without a doubt that there are a lot of things to conduct the Magento 2 upgrade, but let’s make it simple.

In this post, we will give you 5 questions – presenting the 5 core issues that you have to concern when doing the migration.

1. Will you design a new theme or buy a ready-made one for your new Magento 2 website?

magento 2 upgrade website design

When it comes to Magento 2 upgrade, the first thing that you might consider is about your website design theme and templates. As you might know, we can not “bring” the Magento 1 theme to migrate to Magento 2 website.

There are 5 solutions:

First, you can design a new theme from the scratch and therefore create an absolutely fresh look for your website/ brand. This option would be ideal if you have talented in-house designers and front-end coders. Otherwise, you can hire professional designers and coders from reliable agencies. It will take at least 1 month to raise ideas, complete design and code front-end interface.

Second, if you want to maintain the Magento 1 theme since your customers are too familiar with this, let’s send the PSD file of that theme to the designer and coder team. They will help you to create a new theme based on the old one with some possible customization.

Third, in case that you are interested in a theme of a specific website and want to create a similar one for your website, just send it to the developers and ask them to clone that site. The time spent for website cloning will depend on the complexity of your model website.

Fourth, since Magento has been the most popular e-commerce platform up to now, you can easily buy a ready-made Magento 2 theme with reasonable prices. There are thousands of well-designed themes and templates for different industries on the market. In some rare cases, you are selling a unique stuff and find it hard to find a perfect-match theme; don’t worry, just find a relatively proper one and then customize it.

Fifth, besides the paid themes, you can find plenty of Free Magento 2 Themes and Templates. Here is the Top 100 Magento 2 Responsive Themes and Templates for free download that you should take into consideration.

Among these 5 solutions, we highly recommend the fourth option. Compared to creating a new website design from the scratch, selecting an available theme (even with customization) takes considerably less time, money and effort.
magento 2 themes and templates


2. Which Magento extensions you want to keep/ remove? Do they have Magento 2 version?

magento 2 upgrade extension migration

Similar to the theme, you are not able to move Magento 1 extensions to the new website.

There are 3 problems here:

First, you can no longer use the old modules but – find corresponding extensions with Magento 2 versions. For example, your Magento Ajax Cart Extension can be replaced by this Magento 2 Ajax Cart Extension.

Second, if you can’t find the similar plugins, let’s find some Magento module development firms and ask them to develop some custom extensions for your store.

Third, the more extensions you want to keep, the more time it will take to migrate and the more money you might have to pay. Hence, instead of migrating all current extensions, you should review carefully and select the ones your site truly needs.
magento 2 extensions


3. Which data you want to migrate from the Magento 1 to Magento 2 site?

magento 2 migration database

Besides fundamental database related to your products, customers and orders, you can also migrate data of product reviews, testimonials, reward points, …

Deciding which data you find necessary and want to migrate to the new Magento 2 site.


4. Do you know how long and how much it will take to complete your Magento 2 upgrade project?

how much does it cost to migrate from magento 1 to 2

In general, it will take 1-3 months for Magento 2 upgrade process. For example, if you choose to buy a ready-made Magento theme with minor customization, install about 10 extensions and migrate just core data (products, customers and orders), you have to spend roughly 1 month for the migration.

In terms of website design cost, if you buy a ready-made theme, it might cost you $100-200 on average. On the other hand, you have to pay about $1,000 for a website design from the scratch.

For the web development, it will cost you from $1,000 to $3,000. These price ranges are applied in case that you partner with a Magento development company in Asia (e.g.: India, Vietnam, Singapore,…) where the labor cost is cheap. On the contrary, if you co-operate with design development firms in US, UK or Australia, the price might be doubled or tripled.


5. Do you want to implement Magento 2 upgrade with your internal developers or hire a Magento development company?

magento web development companies

Although Magento 2 upgrade is not an immensely complicated process, it’s easy to get serious data loss. Owing to that, most of the Magento store owners turn to prestigious Magento e-commerce development companies to do the migration instead of “DIY”. By this way, you will avoid losing data and have more time to focus on selling as well.

Tigren Solutions has more than 5-year experience on Magento e-commerce and conducted a great number of Magento 2 upgrade projects with proven successes. We guarantee to migrate your website smoothly from Magento 1 to 2 – with the best price on the market. Especially, we provide 3-month free support after delivering your website to make sure that you are totally satisfied with that. Contact us to get free quotation and consultation for your project.

magento migration

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April LeePlanning for Magento 2 Upgrade? 5 Essential Questions to Ask

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