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Magento Monthly Support Package And Hourly Support. What Is The Right For You?

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Urgent Need for Magento Support

It’s no doubt that building a complete Magento website is a strenuous journey, which takes you a lot of time and effort. However, in order to maintain its optimal performance afterwards is another story. No matter how perfect your Magento store is at first, there is no guarantee that it would run smoothly and effectively over time.

There are many hidden drawbacks related to bugs, security, outdated versions, conflict configuration and so on might occur anytime during operation process. Therefore, the majority of Magento stores nowadays turn to a Magento agency who provides high-quality Magento support services to share their burden.

Popular types of Magento Support

In general, most of Magento agencies offer 2 common types of support which are Magento Monthly Support Package and Magento Hourly Support (or called Pay As You Go – PAYG).  They are designed to meet different needs of e-commerce stores.

As a Magento store owner, probably you might wonder which one is more suitable for your business. Is using Magento Hourly Support more economical than Magento Monthly Support? Does Monthly Support Package provide better site monitoring?

In this blog, we will help you to have deeper understanding in these support offers and select what suits you most as a result.

What are Magento Monthly Support Package and Magento Hourly Support?

First, the Magento Hourly Support is a service that the agency will provide instant help when the store owners give their issues. After receiving the request, the agency will estimate time for addressing the problem as well as the cost of service based on the previous fixed price per support hour. At Tigren, we offer a competitive pricing – just $20/ working hour for Magento 1 and $30/working hour for Magento 2. It’s worth noting that only 1 issue is tackled at a time and after it’s closed the store owners can give more requests.

Meanwhile, the Magento Monthly Support provides you with certain amount of time per month for support, depending on which package that you choose. For example, Tigren designs 3 Magento support packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum, which are followed by 10, 20, 30 hours/month for support respectively. Differing from Hourly Support, the customers can ask the agency to handle various issues such as bug fixes, security updates, extension installation and configuration, third party integration. Magento updates and upgrades, managed source code, and even to develop custom features or customize the template and so on. 

Pros of Magento Hourly Support Service

It’s sure that Magento Hourly Support brings about a number of benefits for e-commerce store owners. Firstly, it is issue-focused, the agency can put 100% effort on the problem – finding all of the causes and address it thoroughly. Secondly, in the short-term, it would help you to save money by just focusing on serious issues. Moreover, this solution is immensely proper for businesses that don’t need regular support or for whom have already had an internal support team but need someone to solve what are beyond their capabilities occasionally.

Pros of Magento Monthly Support Package

By using the Magento Monthly Support Packages, your e-commerce store will receive a great assistance. The first advantage is that your site will be well monitored and protected 24/7 under control of a professional Magento team. They will help you to handle all existing problems affecting your website performance from bugs to security threats. Besides keeping the site run without any obstacles, the agency also is responsible to improve your store by conducting regular updates, upgrading the version, or developing new features/ functions (as your requirements). Moreover, some support service providers also offer Magento online training for your internal human resource.

Another important strong point of monthly support packages over hourly support is that the agency can actively seek for potential threats to your site and propose solutions to prevent those before they happen. In contrast, for hourly support the agency just solve specific issues requested by the store owners. Furthermore, you might receive support after business hours or even over weekend when using most of the monthly Magento support packages.

Cons of Magento Hourly Support Service

Despite of bringing about many advantages, the Magento Hourly Support Service still has some obvious weak points. Firstly, the Magento agency must spend a lot of time to set up in your site at the beginning. As a result, it would be ok if you work with only one partner since they just need to study about the site structure for the first time but if you co-operate with different agencies from time to time there might be a big trouble.

Secondly, this solution seems to be more suitable for small to medium issues which don’t take a significant amount of time to deal with. In case your site confronts a serious issues, the total cost of hourly support might even be greater than some monthly support packages.

Last but not least, the store owners can resolve the problems after they arise but cannot be able to prevent it, which might lead to unexpected downtime and lose your sale.

Cons of Magento Monthly Support Package

The first visible con related to Magento Monthly Support Package is about cost. It is obvious that you have to pay a great fix amount of money on monthly basis. Secondly, if your site doesn’t have many issues on that month and you might don’t spend all the hours provided, it would become a waste. However, most of the magento monthly packages allow you to relocate unused hours in the next month. For example, at Tigren, the unused hours will expire within 5 to 10 days afterwards.


Like a house, your Magento store would definitely change over time, worse or better. If you want to maintain it perfect performance, the ideal solution is to find a reliable Magento support agency like Tigren to help. On the other hand, depending on your budget and level of support required you can choose a proper support plans. Both Magento Monthly Support Packages and Hourly Support have pros and cons that you should take them into consideration. At Tigren, we provide both Monthly Magento Support Packages and Magento Hourly Support (PAYG), however, we think that using support packages would be a better choice in the long-term. Currently, we offer 3 special and competitive price Magento Monthly Support Packages starting from just $150/month, click here to find out more information.

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April LeeMagento Monthly Support Package And Hourly Support. What Is The Right For You?

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