Best Magento Progressive Web App Demo With Sample Data

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Are you a Magento store owner looking for a specific Magento Progressive Web App demo to know whether you should upgrade your site to a PWA or not?

Or, are you a Magento developer who wants to find more about PWA before deciding whether you should learn and dig into it or not?

Or are you are just a curious person that wants to know more about modern PWA technology?

Anyway, you are in the right place. If you are a Magento merchant/ coder, our Magento Progressive Web App demo will help you visualize how a Magento 2 PWA looks and feels.

However, if you do not do anything related to Magento, consider it a normal Progressive Web App demo and discover PWA’s special features.

TigrenPWA – A Snapshot

Tigren is among the pioneers who deliver Magento PWA solutions since PWA’s first introduction to the technology stage in 2015.

And TigrenPWA is one of our key solutions to convert regular Magento 2 websites to impressive and potent Magento 2 PWAs.

TigrenPWA, with its superb features, has gained a certain reputation in the Magento community so far. 

To help our clients or those interested in PWA to understand this technology better, we set up a demo of the TigrenPWA with full PWA functions and several advanced features of the theme.

What Are In Tigren’s Magento Progressive Web App Demo?

1/ Design

Design style

Getting back to basics has become a trend worldwide, particularly in developed economies where people tend to move towards simplicity. Needless to say, today, every e-commerce website will try to create an aesthetic and on-trend design in order to attract customers.

Our Magento Progressive Web App demo reflects elegant minimalism with modern layouts. This contributes to enhancing visibility as well as the limitation of distraction from the site’s main content.

On desktops

magento pwa demo

Overall, the TigrenPWA theme demo’s design is similar to a conventional Magento site with full responsiveness. It delivers the optimal viewing experience on various large screen sizes.

On mobiles

progressive web app demo

As you know, one of the most interesting aspects of a progressive web application is its app-like interface and features.

Compared between our Magento Progressive Web App demo and other e-commerce native apps you often use, you will understand more about that.

Simultaneously, you make a comparison between TigrenPWA’s mobile view and responsive version of regular Magento websites on mobile; there might also be a big difference.

When you access our demo from its shortcut on your mobile home screen, you will see a welcome screen (the screen with our logo). Also, the URL bar on the web browser is removed to give you a fullscreen display and a better view of the design.

2/ Functions

Magento default functions

The TigrenPWA demo generally comprises the default functions of a Magento 2 e-commerce store, including catalog management, catalog browsing, product browsing, customer account, etc.

demo of progressive web app

Besides, you can still find adding products to the wishlist, comparison list, and other small but essential features of Magento core in our theme demo. You might take it for granted; however, if you compare TigrenPWA and other PWA themes for Magento 2, you would have a second thought.

Just a few Magento PWA themes support full Magento 2’s default features, even Venia (the official PWA theme provided by Magento, built from its PWA Studio).

Progressive Web App functions

With Tigren’s PWA demo for Magento 2, you can try all the exciting features of a progressive web app.

The first one is “add to home screen“. You will see a popup inviting you to add TigrenPWA to your mobile home screen. Follow it, and you can create a shortcut on your phone to quickly access the app like any other mobile native app.

magento pwa demo

Do you realize that the TigrenPWA theme demo loads faster than traditional Magento websites? It’s thanks to the app shell architecture and modern caching technologies. As a result, the stores that apply our theme can reduce their bounce rate and increase customer satisfaction.

Apart from it, you can experience the offline function of our Magento 2 PWA – the ability to run without the Internet. This works on the principle that Service Workers will cache all components of the pages that we accessed for later visits. It means that we can interact with those pages even in poor network conditions.

There are more interesting features, but you might not instantly experience this Magento Progressive Web App demo, such as updates with a single tap or push notifications.

For the updates, after we make the changes and deploy the code, you will get an update notification popup on the storefront. Then, you need to accept it to reload the page and get the latest version of the PWA. Compared to the time-consuming update process of regular native apps, this will give you a more enjoyable experience.

For the push notifications, we also need to create and send the messages from Magento backend so you can receive them if you have already installed the app.

Advanced functions

Compared to the demo versions of other Magento 2 PWA themes, TigrenPWA’s demo is more outstanding with many advanced functions. It has user-friendly layered navigation with a price slider and multi-filter options, banner manager, today’s deals, live chat, social share, brand slider, advanced search, sticky navigation/ header (on desktop), bottom navigation (on mobile), and so on.

In fact, TigrenPWA has many other advanced features that haven’t been available in its demo yet, such as product labels, improved sorting, Instagram feed, social login, etc.

How Do You Feel About Our Magento PWA Demo?

We hope that our demo will help you understand more about Progressive Web App technology in general and Magento PWA in particular.

PWA is such a perfect combination of websites and native apps. If you want to make something valuable to your store or enhance its performance, there is no better than PWA integration. And no one can help you to do that better than Tigren!

We are ready to listen to your project requirements, send us your request now!

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April LeeBest Magento Progressive Web App Demo With Sample Data

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