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Magento Progressive Web App For Online Businesses: Yes or No?

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If you are running a Magento business, you probably heard something about the Magento Progressive Web App. It takes advantage of new technologies to bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to mobile users. According to Google, the PWA is “reliable, fast and engaging” with many outstanding features such as instant loading, add to homescreen, push notifications.

Compared to the Magento native apps, the Magento Progressive Web App might appear to be more favorable due to several reasons:

– It takes significantly less time to build a PWA from the scratch than to build a native one (1 month vs. at least 6 months)

– The associated cost of developing a PWA is very reasonable while that of developing a native app is huge.

– It’s easier for the customers to approach the PWA since they will be invited to create a PWA shortcut on their homescreen when accessing the site on their browser. Therefore, it’s simultaneously effortless for the store owners to promote the app to their buyers.

– The update tasks become more simple and convenient for the users. For Magento native apps, they must go to the app store to update and re-install the app whereas they just need to reload the PWA to get the latest version.

– The PWA is good for SEO since it is shareable. More specifically, each PWA will go with a specific URL and you can easily share it anywhere. Furthermore, since the PWA can bring about a better experience for users, it would help to increase user session length, decrease bounce rate and enhance traffic significantly.

What is more?

If your e-commerce store is built on the Magento 2 platform, you even can get the PWA at no cost by Downloading FREE Magento Progressive Web App at Tigren store. Also, you don’t need 1 month to study and develop your PWA but 1 hour to install and configure our ready-made PWA extension.

In spite of having many strengths, the Magento Progressive Web App still has some limitations that you can find out here.

Therefore, we advise you to try it first and then decide whether it’s suitable for your business or not. Since this Magento module is free 100%, there is no reason for not trying, right?


To understand more how the Magento Progressive Web App works, please view the following video:


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April LeeMagento Progressive Web App For Online Businesses: Yes or No?

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