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[Hot Release] Magento Progressive Web Apps – Free Download

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Magento Progressive Web Apps are the hottest technologies that are predicted to replace the Native Apps and Mobile Webs in the near future. The reason is that it can bring about much greater shopping experience than the mobile webs and doesn’t require a large budget to build like the native apps.

In 2018, Magento is going to update the Progressive Web Apps to the its Commerce Community edition. However, if you want to be one of the leading e-commerce businesses that apply this modern technology, you cannot ignore our Magento Progressive Web Apps Extension.

After investing a lot of time and effort, Tigren has released the awesome Magento Progressive Web Apps in October. This extension contains all of the special features of the Google PWA from Add-to-homescreen, Push notifications to Fast loading time. Besides, the most pivotal functionality is Offline Mode that allows the users to access the app even under poor or no network connections. Both of the native apps and mobile apps are not able to provide this feature.

How does it work?

Differ from native apps which can be downloaded only in app stores, to install the PWA, the customers just need to click on the “Add to homescreen” button. Then, they will experience app-like features with full-screen mode. Also, the Magento Progressive Web Apps consumes insignificant amount of data in storage when it’s running.

progressive web apps magento example

The latest and greatest thing is that this Magento Progressive Web App Extension is a FREE version. You can find more information, view its demo and easily download it here.

Another important thing that you should know is that to qualify as a PWA you need to be Hypertext Transport Secure (HTTPS).

magento progressive web apps httpsThere are many well-known brands that applied PWAs and harvested successes, for example: Alibaba, AliExpress, Lancome and Flipkart. Do you want to be one of them?

progressive web apps pwa examples


If you have any problems when install this extension to your Magento store, please contact us by sending email to or sending us a ticket. Also, all of your comments and feedback are welcomed!

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April Lee[Hot Release] Magento Progressive Web Apps – Free Download

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  • Elijah - October 10, 2017 reply

    I have downloaded this Magento Progressive Web App and it’s quite good with many important features of Google PWA. Thanks for a great extension!

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