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The First Comprehensive PWA E-book For Magento Merchants

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Today, it’s our pleasure to present you our new E-book – Progressive Web App On Your Hands. As one of the very first Magento PWA integration solution providers, we thoroughly understand all the concerns and difficulties of Magento merchants who desire to convert their websites to powerful PWAs. That’s why we spent a lot of time and effort on this Magento PWA E-book, to help the store owners have insights into this modern technology before developing their own app. Especially, Tigren PWA E-book is absolutely Free. It will unveil all features, benefits, examples, costs, development time, limitations, and FAQs of PWA in Magento 2 at no cost. 


Undoubtedly, mobile is the most transformative force in the retail business today. In the last 5 years, mobile traffic has escalated with more than half of the traffic deriving from smartphones. The thing is, while customers are increasingly turning to mobile, the existing technologies are not satisfying.

Responsive web design, an approach to make e-commerce websites display well on devices regardless of screen sizes is widely used to improve the interface on mobile devices. The problem is that it might slow down the whole page load speed or give up on various components for responsiveness.

Mobile app development, then, appeared to handle concurrences of the responsive webs, providing a much better shopping experience for users. However, mobile apps are expensive to build and maintain. Also, it is difficult for merchants to convince their customers to download the apps. Most of the users only accept apps from brands that they are immensely interested in or make regular purchases.

Progressive Web App (PWA) exists to save the mobile commerce world!

PWA pairs the best of website and mobile app functionality while eliminating all the pain points of the mobile commerce that have endured for so long.

This technology blurs the lines between the website and the mobile app by generating a new front-end architecture (PWA storefront) and leveraging open web APIs to build app-like experiences directly in the browsers.

As a result, PWA combines the discoverability and reach of the web with the mobile app’s look and feel. Its reliable, fast, and pleasant experience will help to maximize customer satisfaction, enhance conversion rates, and boost revenue growth.


This is a Must-Read E-book for All Magento Store Owners. Why?

What is Inside Tigren Magento PWA E-book?

How To Download Tigren PWA E-book?

Discover Tigren’s Magento PWA Development Solutions

This is a Must-Read E-book for All Magento Store Owners. Why?

There’s no question that Progressive Web Apps are gaining massive popularity and concern in the world. Some e-commerce giants and well-known brands have already become PWA early adopters and gained considerable results. Realizing this huge potential, a lot of companies, regardless of their business scales, have defined PWA development as their crucial digital strategies. Therefore, it is predicted that a numerous number of new PWAs will be launched in 2020.

pwa for magento ebook

In the Magento community only, since Magento released the Magento PWA Studio, a set of tools to help developers to build PWA for Magento 2 more effectively, more and more business owners have been motivated to convert their websites to PWAs.

magento 2 progressive web app guide

In fact, the Progressive Web App is still a new technology. The development of PWA in general and PWA for Magento, in particular, is complicated, which requires a thorough understanding and a strong practical experience of the developers to implement. As a merchant, you should equip yourself with fundamental knowledge of PWA first, to know what to expect and how to select qualified developers/ agencies for your projects. Otherwise, you might face the risks of losing your database, web traffic, and even your loyal customers when the transformation failed.

Apart from it, there are various Magento PWA integration solutions for you to consider, from third-party extensions, ready-made themes, to custom development from the ground up. Each of them has certain pros and cons as well as asks for different levels of investment. You have to be careful to figure out which is the best one for your project and your budget; and more importantly, to choose a solution that allows you to get the full potentials and benefits of PWA.

That’s why the Progressive Web App On Your Hands by Tigren is an indispensable e-book for you. It will provide everything you need to know about PWA (how it works, features, examples, benefits, limitations, and integration solutions, etc.). Moreover, you can grasp the groundwork of the Magento PWA integration process (available solutions, time and cost, FAQs, etc.). Thanks to that, you will gain more confidence to start your PWA development and avoid “throwing money down the drain”.

What is Inside Tigren Magento PWA E-book?

You don’t need to be an expert to understand the whole content, because we will explain all the aspects through the merchant’s views.

We decided to divide this guide book into five chapters.

magento 2 pwa ebook

Chapter 1:
Get To Know PWA – Grasping the essential knowledge of Progressive Web App 

Chapter 2: PWA For Magento 2 – Understanding how important it is to upgrade Magento 2 websites to Progressive Web Apps.

Chapter 3: Magento 2 PWA Integration – Knowing how to integrate PWA in Magento 2 e-commerce stores effectively.

Chapter 4: Frequently Asked Questions – Getting the answers for all common queries related to Magento PWA.

Chapter 5: Move Forward With Magento PWA – Figuring out the next steps to start developing a PWA for Magento 2.

How To Download Tigren PWA E-book?

To get your hands on this 73-page eBook full of Magento 2 PWA insights, tips, and development solutions – let’s subscribe to get the download link. You shouldn’t hesitate for more than a second!

Subscribe to download the e-book now!


Discover Tigren’s Magento PWA Development Solutions

At Tigren, we simplify the Magento Progressive Web App development process for merchants by offering our exclusive ready-built PWA theme for Magento 2. The theme includes a well-designed PWA storefront and core API to connect the new storefront with Magento 2 backend.

Once you select our solution, you can cut down your time of PWA development from at least 6 months (by using Magento PWA Studio) to just 1-2 months. Contact us now for more details.


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Tiffany ClaireThe First Comprehensive PWA E-book For Magento Merchants

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