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Don't Know Till You Try


A one-of-a-kind Progressive Web App (PWA) Try-On opportunity for Magento stores. Try, Feel and Play with the TigrenPWA theme - on your store - before you buy.

Limited to 100 slots. Ending on July 31.

Experience YOUR PWA Storefront Now

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An Opportunity Not To Be Missed

Reap all the following benefits when joining our PWA Try-On campaign:


See how your store looks on the TigrenPWA theme

and check whether they are a "perfect couple" or not


Experience exciting Progressive Web App features

such as add to home screen, push notifications, fast load speed, instant updates, etc...


Understand more about Headless structure

PWA storefront - APIs - Magento backend


Discover how different it is regards site management

between monitoring a Magento PWA and a regular Magento website


Get all your queries answered

by our Magento PWA experts with over 10-year-experience in Magento development

magento pwa try on
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And many more if you decide to move on with a complete transformation:

  • 50% discount on the TigrenPWA theme
  • Free examination of your existing site
  • Free consultation and quote
  • 5% off on the theme customization cost
  • Free 6 months of post-development support

Where can you find a better offer? Grab It Now

Why TigrenPWA Theme?

  • Affordable price
  • Free installation & post-development support
  • Be installed in a few hours
  • Flexible to customize to meet different needs
  • Fully supported Magento core features
  • Built-with advanced eCommerce functions
  • Packed with powerful PWA features
  • Different PWA storefront templates
  • Compatible with various Magento extensions
  • Applied headless architecture
  • Lifetime updates

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tigrenpwa theme

Say goodbye to worry!

Afraid of wasting your money if our theme does not work well in your Magento store? We give you a chance to actually try it on and see how it works before making your decision!

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Who Should Grab This Opportunity?

If you are running a Magento 2 store and have an intention to upgrade it to an impressive Magento 2 Progressive Web App, don't waste a second. Register now!

magento 2 pwa demo

The try-on can help confirm your expectations for the Magento PWA and build your confidence.

magento progressive web application

If you find out that PWA is unsuitable for your business, you can forget it and save thousands of dollars for the development.

How To Be Selected Out Of Thousands of Registrations

  • Step 1: Fill in our registration form
  • Step 2: Wait for our confirmation email
  • Step 3: Provide us with your site information for the setup
  • Step 4: Experience the PWA version of your site
  • Step 5: Decide whether to move forward or not with a complete transformation
magento 2 progressive web app

You can't know whether a suit fits you or not until you try it. Try our theme on your Magento website now. Experience exciting PWA features right in your store to know whether these are for you or not!

Try It Now

Things To Note

  • 01Real Try But Your Store Is Still Fine

    We will set up your PWA demo with your provided data on our server. You will be given access to both the PWA storefront and Magento backend. Therefore, you can experience PWA features on the new storefront as well as manage the site backend to explore any differences between a Magento PWA and a regular Magento website.

  • 02Sorry Magento 1 Website Owners

    If you are running a Magento 1-based website, it's urgent to migrate your site to Magento 2 before integrating it with the PWA. You can consider either Tigren's Magento 2 Migration Service or our exceptional 2-in-1 service for Magento Migration Plus PWA Development. By implementing these two processes simultaneously, you can save significant time, money, and effort.

  • 03Not All Registers Are Selected

    Our PWA Try-on might not be appropriate for your business:

    If you haven't had a website yet and intend to build a Magento PWA from scratch, you can either try our general PWA demo or send us your request for consultation.

    If your online store is not built with Magento but with other eCommerce platforms, you can ponder migration to Magento - the best platform for PWA development, before developing your PWA.

    If you have a website without eCommerce functionality but are interested in PWA development, we can still provide you with a PWA solution for your particular need, without using our ready-made theme.

Get Started Now!

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Only believe when you try it! Try on the TigrenPWA theme now to know how it actually transforms your existing Magento store!

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