The Most Fascinated and Recommended Magento 2 Themes

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The demand for Magento 2 themes always exists in the e-commerce field. However, since the Magento 1 EOL has arrived, the need for Magento migration and Magento 2 themes expectedly surged. 

Because the storefront design is not only all about the look but also the code quality underneath, the merchant puts a lot of consideration in picking up a Magento 2 theme.

This blog post would recommend the 20 ready-made templates for Magento 2 that are stunning and well coded to reduce your effort.

1. Porto

Porto theme Magento 2

The price: $129

Porto is a highly responsive Magento theme that is compatible with many extensions. Hence, the Porto theme has been sold nearly 22,000 times and is recommended to use by many Magento agencies.

Besides, this theme has a wide variety of options and settings to manage Magento sites.

Moreover, Portal’s brilliant layout and features are appropriate for most businesses, especially cosmetics and fashions.

2. Fastest

Fastest theme for Magento

The price: $129

The Fastest theme allows customers to find their desired products in the shortest time. And this theme has been sold more than 3,600 times.

With the Ajax SEO multi-select layered navigation, broad types of businesses can choose the Fastest as the storefront design, like Fashion, Jewelry, F&B, and more.

3. Everything

Everything Magento 2 themes

The price: $89

Everything theme is gorgeous and easy to customize. The unique thing about this theme is that it has more than 11 custom designs for multi-purpose such as supermarket, mobility and electric parts, sneakers, games, gardening tools, etc.

Moreover, Everything theme already has many features available. With the affordable price of $89, this theme is not only improving the user experience but also helping the merchants in saving money.

4. Market

Market magento theme

The price: $129

The Market is a responsive Magento theme that is suitable for multi-category stores.

Businesses like supermarkets, bookstores, cosmetics are recommended to use the Market Magento theme. 

5. Sahara

Sahara theme

The price: $59

Sahara is the newest design from Plazathemes, which has a sophisticated look and a well-structured layout.

Moreover, the most powerful features of the Magento eCommerce platform are attached to the Sahara theme. ( Mega Menu, Ajax cart, and Ajax Layered navigation)

6. Eren

eren theme

The price: $99

Since Eren has more than ten main designs, it gives the merchant many choices for their Magento stores.

At $99, the Eren theme provides a valuable pack with some extensions like Ajax layered navigation, new products slider, featured products, categories products, and product image zoom.

The Eren theme is suitable for all types of stores, but the most appropriate one is fashion.

7. Complex

complex theme for magento 2

The price: $99

Another Magento 2 responsive theme is Complex.

This is a responsive Magento 2 design with minimalism. The Complex theme is flexible and brilliant; therefore, Magento merchants don’t have to spend a lot of time adjusting it.

Additionally, with more than ten main models, this Complex theme can fit with every type of store.

8. Outstock

outstock theme

The price: $99

Outstock is a Magento 2 Responsive Theme, which is suitable for all types of stores. 

Along with the smart design, Outstock also has extremely customizable admin settings.

9. Digitalstore

digitalstore theme for magento

The price: $89

The Digitalstore is a premium responsive Magento 2 theme with more than 10+ extensions attached to it.

10. Gecko

Magento theme Gecko

The price: $78

There are more than twenty homepages, twelve product detail, and nine header layouts in Gecko demos. 

Apart from that, Gecko prioritizes optimizing website speed; thus, using this theme is the right choice for Magento merchants.

11. Danisa

Danisa theme for magento 1 2

12. Grand

Grand theme

The price: $59

The Grand theme is another one from Plaza-Themes. This is considered to be the best choice for furniture businesses.

13. Ethan

Ethan Magento 2 theme

The price: $89

The next excellent template for Magento 2 stores is the Ethan fashion Magento theme. Ethan helps the store to have a modern look.

The Ethan theme not only empowers luxury fashion websites, but it can also fit with any eCommerce site.

14. Organie


The price: $89

Organie is the theme that most fits with cake shops, flower shops, organic food, gardening tools. This theme helps the Magento store impress online buyers and enhances their experience.

15. Mazia

Mazia theme

The price: $99

Mazia is a clean and minimal design. Moreover, it is responsive and has highly customizable admin settings.

A fully responsive design makes the Mazia theme compatible with all mobile devices.

16. Mimoza

mimoza theme for Magento

The price: $84

The Mimoza theme owns an excellent design with unique colors combination and dynamic arrangements of promotional banners.

Mimoza seems to be a perfect choice for fashion stores. Apart from that, the theme empowers businesses with various eCommerce features.

17. Siemon and Salazar

magento theme siemon and salazar

The price: $99

This minimal theme will display beautiful furniture products.

Because the Siemon and Salazar theme owns such a flexible and smart design, online buyers can quickly find out their favorite items.

18. Electro

electro magento theme

The price: $99

This well-designed theme is suitable for every type of store. And it is a Premium Responsive Magento theme with extremely customizable admin settings.

19. Bencher

Bencher theme for magento

The price: $89

Bencher allows us to show valuable information to the customer in the most transparent way.

Among 20 Magento 2 themes list, this theme is highly recommended for fashion stores or clothes stores.

20. Milano

magento theme milano

The price: $89

Any store could apply Milano because it is easy to use and customize.
This is the theme made for those who want a minimal theme full of must-have features.

Wrapping Up

Top 20 most fascinated Magento 2 themes share a thing in common: responsive to both mobile devices and the desktop. The list above may give you an overview of how a Magento 2 theme looks and works.

Hence, do not hesitate to pick the one that is most appropriate to your business’ style. If you desire to own a gorgeous Magento 2 website or want to get more information, get in touch with us here!

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AudreyThe Most Fascinated and Recommended Magento 2 Themes

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