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Why Do I Need Magento Support Services?

In order to stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce market, it’s crucial for your Magento store to deliver optimal performance all the time. In other words, you must ensure that your website is always agile, stable, secure, error-free and regularly updated. Otherwise, downtime or other potential site threats might hurt your business seriously by decreasing your professional, ruining your brand reputation and finally making your customers leave.


magento support services
However, maintaining smooth website performance is undoubtedly a tedious and strenuous task requiring a great deal of time and effort. Moreover, its opportunity cost would be immensely high since instead of concentrating on sales strategies to boost your revenue and profit, you must share your time to struggle with tons of site issues and keep it flawless.

It’s time to release yourself from the chaos!

What you need to do right now is finding a prestigious Magento support agency who provides you with high-quality Magento managed support services to share your burden

In general, the Magento support services consists of regular security updates, bug fixes, template customization, extension installation and configuration, website backup, Magento updates and upgrades, third party integration, managed source code, new feature development and so on.

Some Magento support services providers also offer online Magento training and Extension customization for their customers. All of this are implemented to pursue the same goal – keeping your Magento e-commerce website run smoothly and efficiently without any downtime.

Which Magento Support Agency Should I Choose?

There are a variety of Magento support agencies worldwide but you must be perspicacious to choose the one that not only reputable but also suitable to your business. The reason is that if you select a company that has little experience on providing Magento support services, it would bring about more harm than good for sure.
Tigren is a preeminent Magento support services provider that has strong expertise in working with Magento stores. Our team of Magento certified developers have 5-year experience in Magento on average promise to make your site run smoothly and effectively.
Whether you are in need of urgent bug fixes or improvements over time, our dedicated team can fulfill all your needs and help your business to keep the lead position in the competitive online marketing space. Moreover, we provide you with both Magento 1 and Magento 2 support services, which helps your site to maintain the best state with current version or to upgrade anytime without any barriers.
magento support services


  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

    We endeavor to make every single client content with our Magento technical support

  • Magento Certified Developers

    Our talented developers possess 5-year experience in Magento on average as well as providing Magento support services

  • Flexible Magento Support Plans

    We provide both pay as you go and monthly support packages to suit all business needs

  • Fast and Faster

    Understanding that your time is money, we try to handle all issues in the shortest period of time – most before dues

  • Competitive Pricing

    We offer cost-effective Magento support services that e-commerce businesses at all levels can afford to

What Are Magento Support Plans At Tigren?

At Tigren, we know that each business will have its own needs and require different levels of support. Therefore, we have created the two essential Magento support plans including: Pay As You Go and Magento Monthy Support  (3 exclusive packages). In order to choose which one suits your firm most, you can define the response time and level of service that you want, and then compare with our available packages. In case you cannot find a convenient solution, don’t give up, let’s contact us, tell us your request and we might create a custom package for you.

Pay As You Go

This plan is developed to fit Magento stores that don’t have constant support inquiries. Normally, they will need to use this service when a new issue arises and that issue doesn’t take a lot of time to address.

Key Benefits

  • Issue-focused
  • Cost-saving: $20/hour for Magento 1 and $30/hour for Magento 2
  • Response within 24 hours
  • Contact through email, ticket and skype
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Magento Monthly Support

This plan is designed for Magento stores that require periodic and stable support. It will ensure your site is always well-monitored and in the best state.

Key Benefits

  • 3 exclusive Magento support packages – Start from $200/month
  • 24/7/365 site monitoring
  • Nearly instant response
  • Out-of-office support
  • Upgrade plans at any time
  • Contact through email, ticket, skype and telephone
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What Will You Get From Our Magento Support Services?

Choosing a Magento support package from Tigren means that your e-commerce business will

  • Be Optimized

  • Be Frequently Updated

  • Get Mandatory Upgrades

  • Be Equipped By New Features

  • Be Protected And Secure

  • Have Extensions Installed

Our Perfect Magento Support Packages start from just $200/month

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