Quick Look At Top 7 Payment Gateways In Thailand

Thailand is known as a heaven for shopaholics, even in online shopping. One key feature that makes virtual stores popular among consumers is the variety of payment gateways in Thailand. 

Online shopping is only complete when you can finish the purchase instantly after the check-out step. The pandemic also makes people conscious of standing from a certain distance from others. Thus, cash payment becomes odd and dangerous at the same time. 

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This post will list the top 7 payment gateways that are most favored in Thailand.

Let’s get started! 

1/  Bangkok Bank

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Bangkok Bank payment gateway allows customers to connect their credit cards to pay for online orders.

Credit cards that are accepted through Bangkok Bank gateway: Visa, MasterCard, and Bangkok Bank credit cards. 

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The types of purchases and payments that can be done in this system include POS payment, recurring payment, phone and mail order payments.

The system also lets consumers transfer money to a bank account in Bangkok bank

Transaction reports are recorded and sent to buyers for bills after purchase when requested. 

The limitation of this system is that it is only applicable for merchants using the Bangkok Bank account.

2/ 2C2P

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2C2P was first established in 2003 in Bangkok.

It is now available in countries from Asia and Europe.

The increasing popularity of this payment gateway is that customers can still pay without owning a credit card.

Transaction fees account for 3.75-4% depending on the type and bank card users are transferring money from.


Customers can also complete purchases for recurring bills on 2C2P. 

The system also accepts payments from different currencies. This could add an explanation to the global availability of this payment gateway. 

With 2C2P, merchants can set up online payments without encountering any difficulties as the steps are very simple. 

Virtual credit cards are accepted on 2C2P.

The payment system also provides an analysis tool through business intelligence to access customers’ preferences.

3/ Thaiepay

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Thaiepay is rated to have the top payment method designed for merchants in Thailand.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted in this system.

Translation from English and Thai is available to make it easier for foreign travelers to complete the purchase. Thaiepay accepts 9 different currencies and becomes an ideal option for foreign travelers or international buyers. 


A report summarizing past payments on Thaiepay is offered to customers when required.

The fees for using the system might be a little higher compared to other payment gateways in Thailand. Visa and MasterCard have 4% and 4.75% transaction fees for AMEX. To maintain the account, an additional fee of 3.99% transactions plus 49USD must be paid each month. 

4/ SiamPay

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Both online and mobile payments are possible on SiamPay.

The system accepts payment through PayPal, AliPay, China Payment Service, Visa, Mastercard, and most credit cards (Bangkok bank, UOB,…).


Recurring billing can also be done on this system. Customers can also make multi-currency payments on SiamPay.

Transaction fees from this payment gateway take up around 3.5-4%.

5/ K-payment

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K-Payment is the Thailand payment gateway that is provided by Kasikorn Bank.

To install K-payment on the store, the business must be in operation for at least 3 years and the capital requirement to register is 2 million Baht.


Start-ups may omit this option since it is too costly and have yet to reach the number of years in operation required. 

6/ Omise

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It would be a mistake to forget Omise in the list. It is not only famous in Thailand but also the top payment gateway in Asia.


Some benefits that contribute to this payment processor’s popularity are an easy integration process, high security, flexibility across platforms.

Some big brands currently using Omise for customers to purchase: McDonald, The Pizza Company, King Power, etc…

7/ Paysbuy

top thailand payment gateways

Paysbuy has been verified by the Bank of Thailand to run an online payment gateway.

It works in a similar way with PayPal.

The system also offers different packages to fit various sizes and requirements of firms. 

Updates: Since 2017, Paysbuy has been acquired by Omise.

Which Is The Best Payment Gateway Provider In Thailand?

The world is in the digital age, and consumers prefer using technology to purchase with ease. Online payment makes it possible to buy anything within a click. 

Online shopping would not be complete when we still have to pay in cash. Completing payments in advance also decreases the rate of canceled orders. 

When eCommerce is still proliferating, there are no reasons to hesitate to level up buyers’ shopping experience, and a payment gateway would definitely bring more sales to the store. 

With suggestions for top payment gateways in Thailand, we hope merchants can find the right company to cooperate with in the future. All of the mentioned companies are reputable, so you can compare their pricing to select the best one for your business.

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Giang LeQuick Look At Top 7 Payment Gateways In Thailand

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