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Progressive Web App Demo (For Magento 2)

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Why Progressive Web Apps?

As you might know, the number of mobile users has seen an explosion in recent years.There are 3 common solutions for this: optimizing your website for mobile apps, creating a mobile web or spending more money to build a mobile app. However, all of these methods have disadvantages and cannot satisfy customers’ needs.

For example, if you use the mobile web, application capabilities are limited to web technologies. On the other hand, if you desire to build the native app, you have to prepare a huge budget for this.

Luckily, there is a new and more feasible solution that is building a Progressive Web App – combining the best of webs and apps. By using the PWA, your customers will have app-like experience with fast loading speed, push notifications, full-screen mode and especially offline mode that allows us to continue browsing even under poor connections.

What’s about the cost? You have to pay $0.00 to possess this modern technology just by downloading FREE the Progressive Web App Extension for Magento 2 at Tigren Store and spend few more minutes to install it.


In this blog post, we will show you the Progressive Web App Demo (both front-end and back-end demos). Let’s get started!

Progressive Web App Demo

Front-end Demo

When the customers access the website in browsers, it will appear 2 popups – asking them to receive notifications and create a shortcut on their homescreen to start using Progressive Web App.

progressive web app demo magento 2

After adding the Progressive Web App on the homescreen, the customers can open the it immediately.

In the homescreen, the PWA icon looks the same as a native app:

Depending on the configuration in the back-end, the Progressive Web App will be displayed differently as the followings:

demo progressive web apps magento 2

It’s worth noting that you can easily change the color of the Progressive Web Apps in the configuration.

Also, the screen orientation can be Portrait or Landscape:

magento pwa demo

When the admin send a notification from the back-end, the customers can receive the notification nearly instantly. Each notification will include 3 parts: title/ headline, body/ content and the URL/ target page. Once the users click to see the notification content, they will be moved to the target page.

Back-end Demo

Manifest Settings

magento progressive web apps
Push Notification Settings

magento 2 progressive web apps


Manage Notifications/ Send Notifications

progressive web apps magento 2 free download
Create a new push notification:

progressive web application magento 2



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April LeeProgressive Web App Demo (For Magento 2)

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