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Why We Love Progressive Web App For Magento (And You Should, Too!)

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What Is Progressive Web App For Magento?

The Progressive Web App has been one of the hottest technologies in recent years. It’s a great combination of mobile webs and mobile apps to enhance the customer experience. Some experts even predicted that PWA can replace the mobile app in the near future thanks to its ability to deliver app-like experience while requiring much lower development cost. In this post, we will narrow down the topic to Progressive Web App for Magento, to understand how PWA can benefit Magento e-commerce stores.

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Why Do We Love Progressive Web App For Magento?

1. Magento PWA can cover the gap between Mobile Web and Mobile App

There are some truths that you should know:

First, it’s undeniable that the number of customers using the mobile apps has increased significantly in the last decade, but it’s still far from the huge number of people accessing the mobile webs via different browsers.

More than 50% of buyers are not willing to download mobile apps from the app stores. Only a small number of shoppers, who have regular purchases or have a special interest in the brands, prefer using a mobile app to visiting traditional websites.

magento mobile web vs magento mobile app
Secondly, although using mobile webs can gain a greater amount of traffic, it’s a difficult task for the store owner to enhance their customer experience.

Compared to the native apps, the webs have a lot of limitations such as slower page load, no push notifications, no icon on the homescreen, and so on.

As you can see, both Magento Mobile Webs and Mobile Apps have some disadvantages; fortunately, now we have Magento Progressive Web App – a modern technology that can tackle all of these shortcomings.

magento progressive web app

Similar to the websites, the Progressive Web App for Magento can easily approach the buyers. Once the customers visit the website, they will immediately be invited to receive notifications and create a shortcut of PWA on their homescreen. Then, after a few seconds, the users will have the PWA installed in their mobile devices and can access it anytime with ease.

More importantly, the Progressive Web App for Magento can deliver great app-like experience, an impossible task for the web apps. Specifically, by using the Magento PWA, the customers can experience full-screen mode, fast page load, push notifications, add to homescreen and offline function (ability to work without network connection).

In this way, the users don’t have to put any effort into searching the app on a central download store, downloading and then installing the app in at least 5 minutes. As a result, it will raise customers’ willing to use new technology.

2. Magento PWA is easy to install and update

As we have mentioned, it’s very quick for the visitors to install the Magento PWA – about 2 to 3 seconds. Besides, it’s much more convenient to get the latest version of the progressive web app.

progressive web app for magento 2

For Magento mobile apps, when the users receive an update notification, they have to open the app store, download the new version and then install it again. On the contrary, they just need to “refresh” the page to get the latest version of PWA.

3. Magento Progressive Web App is good for SEO

In fact, the Progressive Web App for Magento is still running on the browsers so it still has a link (URL) that can be shared anywhere to support search engine optimizations (e.g.:

Consequently, it might be easier for the Magento store owners to promote their PWA than to advertise a mobile app. As you might know, there has been no official rank for the app up to now.

4. Magento PWA works on offline mode

This is one of the most special features of Progressive Web App for Magento. It would be extremely useful in case the customers are under poor or absent network conditions.

To be more specific, the users access any pages in the PWA as long as they have visited before, whereas the presence of network is a must once you just open the mobile web or app.

5. Magento 2 PWA is affordable

On average, you will have to pay at least $10,000 to possess a Magento hybrid app and a double of that payment to develop 2 native apps (for Android and iOS). Meanwhile, the cost for converting a Magento store to PWA might start from $3,000, depending on the initial website (design, extensions, custom functions, shipping and payment, etc.)

Apart from it, the store owners spend less money on promoting the PWA (since it shares the URL with the website) and maintaining its performance (due to updates on a single codebase).

Contact us now if you have any questions related to Magento PWA integration or want to get a specific quote for your conversion.

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April LeeWhy We Love Progressive Web App For Magento (And You Should, Too!)

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