Progressive Web App for Magento 2 – Everything You Need To Know


1. General Understandings of Progressive Web App for Magento 2

What is Progressive Web App for Magento 2?

As you might know, the Progressive Web Application technology has appeared as a new trend in recent years. While the mobile webs and mobile apps aren’t able to fulfill customers’ needs and suit store owners’ financial ability, building a PWA seems to be more feasible. Firstly, since the PWA still runs on browsers but deliver an app-like experience for the users, it can handle the disadvantages of both traditional webs or native apps. Secondly, the cost of building a PWA is more affordable than creating a mobile app.

Tigren released a great Progressive Web Application theme for Magento 2. Therefore, if your store is Magento-based, you can easily acquire this modern technology without spending a penny.

Why should I use Magento 2 Progressive Web App?

By using our Magento 2 Progressive Web Application, you will bring about the best experience for all of your customers, especially for whom prefer mobile shopping. More specifically, they will enjoy fast loading speed, full-screen mode, push notification, and offline features. Compared to native apps, it’s much easier to persuade your customers to create an app shortcut on their homescreen.

There are also an array of benefits from using Magento PWA, you can find out more here.

2. Highlights of Progressive Web App for Magento 2

  • 5 seconds to add a shortcut on home screen
  • Great app-like experience
  • Full-screen mode and responsive design
  • Lightning load speed
  • Push notifications (when the browser & app are closed)
  • Offline mode (allow opening the app without network connections)
  • Good for SEO (be shareable)
  • High security (HTTPs)

3. Conditions for Building Progressive Web App for Magento 2

In order to convert your current website to the Progressive Web Application, your site must be served over HTTPs. This condition is set with the aim of avoiding any dangerous content intrusion.

4. Evaluation Tool for Magento 2 Progressive Web App

In order to evaluate your Progressive Web App performance, you can use the Lighthouse extension of Google.

First, you must download the Lighthouse Extension & add it to your Chrome browser.

progressive web app lighthouse

Then, go to your PWA page, click on the Lighthouse icon on the browser and tap Generate Report:

progressive web app performance lighthouse

Finally, check the result.

evaluate progressive web app for magento 2 performance

5. Customers Guideline on Progressive Web App for Magento 2

When the customers visit your site on their browser, they will be invited to receive notifications and add your PWA to their home screen.

magento progressive web app example

Here is the PWA shortcut on the customer’s home screen and push notification:

magento progressive web app demo

Another thing that might be useful for the users is that they are allowed to access certain pages on your site even when there is poor or no network connection as long as they visited those pages before.

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April LeeProgressive Web App for Magento 2 – Everything You Need To Know

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