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[RELEASE] Daily Deal for Magento 2 – Boost Your Sale to The Max

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It is undeniable that there are hundreds of ways to enhance sale revenue; however, discount – a traditional method – has seemed to be most effective so far. The reason is that almost everyone are tempted to buying products with cheap prices – 20, 30% lower or even half of the original price. In the worst case, people don’t buy you products from you but still be captured attention and then they maybe make a purchase in the next time. For all of these, the Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension was developed to help the online store owners increase sale through focusing on discounts.

More specifically, this great module enables the store to:

  • Create unlimited deals to attract customers regularly
  • Display countdown timer, number of products and discount price
  • Allow buyers to view Today Deals, Coming Deals and Previous Deals


  • Provide Subscription feature to let customers receive hot deal notification


  • Allow customers to share favorite deals on social networksmagento-2-daily-deal-product-page
  • Collect data and make report of daily sale and total sale for each dealmagento-2-daily-deal-extension-daily-sale-report
  • Manage Subscribers (be able to import the external list)


As you can see, the Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension gives you maximum support to take advantage of deals to drive sale. You have to spend only $99 to get this great extension at Tigren Store and then wait to see a significant jump in sale.

To buy the Magento Daily Deal Extension for Magento 2, please click Here.

April Lee[RELEASE] Daily Deal for Magento 2 – Boost Your Sale to The Max

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