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How To Config RSS Feeds In Magento 2? (5 minutes)

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To begin with, the RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Its purpose is to automatically disseminate the information in your store to the customers who subscribe to get the feed. After subscription, they might get news and updates related to your new products, special products, products and discounts and so on.


There are 6 available types of RSS feed, namely Wish List, New Products, Special Products, Coupons/ Discounts, Top Level Category and Customer Order Status. You must understand these first before getting to know how to set up RSS feeds.

  • Wish List: The RSS feed link will be shown at the top of the purchasers’ wish list pages. Simultaneously, there is a checkbox in the wish list sharing page that allows users to include a link to the feed from shared wish lists.
  • New Products: Send the subscribers notification of recently added products
  • Special Products: Let the subscribers know items that are being sold with special prices.
  • Coupons/ Discounts: Inform the subscribers of current or upcoming coupons or discounts.
  • Top Level Category: Tell the subscribers the changes in the top level category – in the store main menu.
  • Customer Order Status: Allow the subscribers to follow and track their order statuses through RSS feed.


There are just 5 steps to configure RSS feeds in Magento 2. Let’s get started!

  • 1st step: Navigate to Configuration in backend menu

Go the Admin Panel, navigate to STORES and choose Configuration (under Settings)

(Admin Panel => STORES => Configuration)

set up rss feeds in magento 2


  • 2nd step: Choose a favorable store view

On the top-left corner, please choose a store view that you want the feeds to be applied.

rss feeds magento 2

  • 3rd step: Navigate to RSS feeds

On the left panel, tap CATALOG, then select RSS Feeds in the dropdown.

config rss feeds magento 2
configure rss feeds in magento 2

  • 4th step: Set up RSS Feeds

Firstly, you must enable RSS on the RSS Config section.

rss feeds in magento 2

Then, you can do the same for the Wish List section (select Enable).

set up rss feed magento 2

Next, in the Catalog section, you can enable what they want to send to the subscribers.

  • New Products: the latest products which have been added to the store recently.
  • Special Products: the products that have special prices.
  • Coupons/ Discounts: any available promotional campaigns in the store.
  • Top Level Category: any changes in the top level category

how to set up rss feed magento 2

Finally, set “Enable” for the Customer Order Status Notification field.

set up rss feed in magento 2

  • 5th step: Save the configuration and check on the frontend

what is rss feed in magento 2

To see how it looks like in the front-end, you must access the address link of your store plus the tail “/rss” (add “/rss/” at the end of your URL). For example, In this page, if the customers click on the Get Feed button, they will receive RSS feed from selected option(s).

rss feeds page magento 2 exampleWe have shown you 5 simple steps to set up the RSS feeds in Magento 2. If you have any problems when following this tutorial, be free to ask us by leaving a comment below. See you in the next tutorial!

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April LeeHow To Config RSS Feeds In Magento 2? (5 minutes)

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