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Examples Of Successful Magento 2 Migration Projects By Tigren

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Magento 2 is released in 2015; however, some merchants are still staying in Magento 1 while their major has another choice: migrating to Magento 2. As an experienced Magento agency, Tigren started to provide the migration service right after the Magento 2 Release. Since then, there are many successful Magento 2 migration projects born. Let’s see ten examples of fruitful M2M projects by Tigren!


  1. The Grainfather
  2. Mad Millie
  3. Rueb
  4. Tiny Blessings
  5. Sinsation Cosmetics
  6. FMM Dubai
  7. Elle Silk
  8. Party Erasers
  9. Sickboy
  10. Ski & Board

1. The Grainfather

The Grainfather is first a community for people to share their passion for brewing. And also, The Grainfather is a homebrewing equipment provider. They now have four stores in the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

After migrating to Magento 2, their website looks stunning. The design of the new site is customised based on the old one. Moreover, there are some custom functions developed by Tigren, like functions for the blog, store pickup, reward point, etc. 

The Grainfather

Especially, The Grainfather’s new site supports multiple websites and currencies. This is not only a convenience for their customer but also for themselves. This means they can manage all of the stores in one backend.

2. Mad Millie

At first, this brand only sells cheese kits, but now they have more than thirty products in four categories: cheese, beverages, fermenting, vegan. They are selling the ingredients to craft cheese, drinks & vegan food at home and the equipment.

They were beginning as a small group of people who want to create cheese on their own. Mad Millie desires to share the flavour that comes from self-made food.
They not only aim to sell the products but also want to grow the community; that is why they have ample space for useful info like recipes, how-to guides & videos, FAQs, and blogs.

Mad Millie

To meet the requirements of Mad Millie, Tigren has developed a Magento 2 multiple websites for stores in different continents (The UK, New Zealand, Australia, and The US). Furthermore, the website design is customised based on the ready-made theme.

Differentiate from another website, Mad Millie chooses to integrate eWAY – an uncommon payment gateway from Australia along with

Besides, reward points, blogs, event managers, and Mailchimp must inevitably be integrated into the site.

3. Rueb

Rueb is a British brand in the city of York, United Kingdom. The brand is established in 2002 and then online in 2006. They present a wide range of costumes, fashion and accessories.

RUEB Magento 2 migration projects

Instead of designing a new theme, Rueb chose to apply a ready-made theme. However, the website still has a gorgeous look.

Also, they require to integrate M2E pro-Amazon & eBays with listings and orders. The shipping and payment methods are chosen to be integrated into the website is Royal Mail shipping and Paypal & Amazon payment.

4. Tiny Blessings

Tiny Blessings is a jewellery retailer in the UK. The brand focuses on children and babies’ jewellery with special services like engraving, charm customisation, etc.

Tiny Blessings migrate Magento 1 to Magento 2

Migrating the Magento 2, the brand asked to maintain the design of the Magento 1 website.

Unlike other sites with unique product characteristics, there are some custom product options like engraving or charm that need to be developed.

Moreover, the shopping cart of Tiny Blessings is also customised with gift cards, comments and offers.

The shipping methods that are configured are FedEx and USPS. And the payment gateway Tiny Blessings uses is First data Global.

5. Sinsation Cosmetics

Sinsation Cosmetics is an American brand that provides brushes, skincare and makeup products.

Sinsation Cosmetics Magento 2 migration

Apart from other projects, the most concentrated of Sinsation Cosmetics is the appearance of the website. Therefore, they are cautious in choosing a ready-made theme.

What’s more, the website’s functions are also regarded by integrating and customising 22 new extensions. And some of the advanced functions, like subscription or coupon codes, are developed in the Magento 2 migration process.

6. FMM Dubai

FMM Dubai is a fashion house with a conceptual insight into Arab culture. The brand is launched in 2012 and focus on the audience of the UAE.

FMM dubai Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration

Migrating to Magento 2, FMM choose a customised, ready-made theme that brings fabulous looks and feels. Furthermore, to meet the demand of the UAE audience, the developer integrated the Aramex Shipping method and configured the Paypal payment gateway for this website.

7. Elle Silk

In 1999, Elle Silk was launched as a silk bed linens and silk sleepwear maker. Then this brand turning to be renowned for being the world’s finest grade mulberry silk.

Now, they are not only providing silk bed linens and silk sleepwear but also many silk products like pillowcases, blankets, silk eyemasks, silk sleep caps, etc.

Elle Silk

Even though applying a ready-made theme, the website design is still exquisite and bring a luxurious tone.

The difference between the Elle Silk website and another site is that they want to develop product sizes, colours, and custom banners.

Additionally, the website is available in four languages and support sixteen currencies.

8. Party Erasers

Party Erasers is a stationery store in England. In the beginning, they only sell genuine Iwako erasers. Therefore, they found music stationery, bright bags, happening homewares, and smart stationery.

Follow the Party Erasers’ request, Tigren customising a ready-made theme to build the website design. Along with that are Aramex shipping integration and Paypal configurations.

9. Sickboy

Sickboy M2M

Sickboy is a brand that sells motorcycle clothing and related products in the US. This is one of the most time-consuming Magento 2 migration projects. The reason is, at first, they have three websites.

The mission of the Sickboy project is to migrate and merge the data from those websites to one site. Moreover, the website design has to be customised from scratch.

In the migration process, table rates shipping and USPS shipping are also set up. No less important is the configuration of the payment gateway. 

10. Ski & Board

Ski & Board concentrates on providing snow gear in Australia.

Ski & Board migrate to Magento 2

With three Magento 2 stores, they require to apply three different ready-made themes. Also, the WordPress blog posts are all migrated to Magento 2.

Besides, the payment method to integrate for Ski & Board is Afterpay and Paypal. And with big stores, Mailchimp and Google tools are indispensable to integrate.


Until the Magento 1 End of Life, Magento 2 merchants are hustling to find themselves a solution. Among all of the solutions, Magento 2 migration is the most popular choice that has been chosen. 

Tigren accomplishes all of the successful Magento 2 Migration projects mentioned. If you want to have an efficacious Magento 2 website, click here for more information!

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April LeeExamples Of Successful Magento 2 Migration Projects By Tigren

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