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Tigren PWA Theme: Best Choice For Magento 2 PWA Theme

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Looking for Magento 2 PWA Theme provider? Tigren is here to support you throughout the whole PWA development process.

Wondering why we suggest Tigren as a trusted agency for PWA installation service? Read this post and we promise that you will not regret choosing to partner with this company in the development process.

Let’s dive in. 

Why PWA?

Ecommerce development

Technology is now an integral part of humans’ life. It is hard to live a day without a mobile phone. These have created good conditions to develop an online shopping habit among consumers. 

When 2020 is about to end but the pandemic continues to leave serious impacts on every sector in the economy, eCommerce is definitely the only exception. People are too afraid of going out and they choose to purchase most of the products from the eCommerce website.  

Investing in the solution to improve the quality of the online store is the best thing to help the business to survive during this tough time. PWA is one of the investment decision that will not disappoint e-business.

Best features from PWA

Easy installation

If you are thinking downloading PWA will take the same amount of time as installing a native app, then you are wrong. PWA installation is complete within a few seconds. 

SEO friendly

Google takes responsiveness as one of the key criteria to evaluate the websites to rank them in the search results. Progressive Web Application is known as integrating the website and the app.

It has made some certain changes to the content and design to fit different screen sizes. Customers feel free to surf the sites on any technological gadgets that they like. Thus, this would increase the organic traffic of the store. 

With all of these elements, PWA has made the websites gain a higher level of SEO friendly and promises the arrival of new customers.

Low data usage

PWA when installed on the device is just a shortcut. This explains the lightweight of the Progressive Web App. Customers can have hundreds of PWA on their device but still have plenty of space for other data to restore. 

With less consumption in the storage, users would find less hesitation in “installing” PWA. Also, for those who use outdated devices which have littlle memory space, PWA makes it way easier for them to have the websites on their devices. Thus, PWA has increase the diversity of customers accessing the store.

Automatic updates

Updates for apps is rather complicated. Users need to access the App Store and then check for updates. Before the updates can be installed, they are also required to verify personal information. This process takes some minutes to complete.

For PWA, a few seconds is enough. All consumers need to do for updates is refreshing the site. 

Effective communication channel 

PWA also brought along a more effective communication method between merchants and visitors through push notification. Customers can receive updates of the store without having to access the website.

It saves time for consumers and they would no longer feel disappointed in knowing the promotion event too late. 


Another benefit of integrating PWA is that no maintenance cost required. Merchants just need to pay money for the PWA development agencies once and they can use this technology to the rest of their lives without paying any extra fee.

Also, PWA takes less time to develop as PWA just need to be installed once and can be used across all operating systems.


Merchants do not need to be a technical expert to know how to manage the store online. PWA has made both the frontend and backend user-friendly so both customers and merchants would have a great experience using the site. 

Tigren PWA Theme

For Magento 2 PWA theme from Tigren, the frontend theme is fully developed for Magento websites. 

Merchants do not need to worry about code conflict as the theme is built based on Magento 2 PWA Studio. Besides, the frontend used React JS to connect to Magento through API.

Tigren PWA theme offers full PWA features with the responsive layout; app-like experience; availability when in low-quality or even no connection; low data usage. All of these functions will upgrade the consumers’ experience to the new level and guarantee more online orders from them in the future.

Also, Tigren Magento 2 PWA they support diverse payment methods: Paypal Express, Braintree, Amazon Pay, COD. With more payment gateways available, customers would find it easier to purchase the products and they do not need to spend time creating another account to be able to pay on the website.

For merchants, they would not want to see their customers abandon the shopping cart just because of the lack of payment methods. 

If the feature mentioned above is not enough for the store operation, Tigren also assists merchants in developing some custom features like Ajax filter, custom checkout, SEO…

Wrapping Up

It is sad that the pandemic is hurting every economic sector but looking on the bright side, it is the best opportunity merchants can get to develop their online store. Magento 2 PWA Theme can be the answer to firms’ concern of improving the online shopping experience of users. 

Waiting for the physical branches to regain sales before Covid 19 takes place does not sound like an appropriate solution. We highly recommend store owners to start planning PWA installation and if they still find this process complicated, send an email to Tigren and they will support merchants throughout the whole process.

We hope that this post has made it easier for merchants to understand about PWA as well as find out the potential partner for the Magento 2 PWA theme development.

Giang LeTigren PWA Theme: Best Choice For Magento 2 PWA Theme

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