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Top 10 Tigren Magento Blog Posts From 2017

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Another year comes to an end! In the last year, we made a great effort to produce the most quality content on our Magento blog on a weekly basis, from the hottest news in the e-commerce industry, Magento updates, Magento tutorials to the deep analysis of e-commerce trends and the controversial Magento extensions and technologies.

We want to express our gratitude to all of our readers who give us an enormous motivation to work harder and offer more and more valuable publications.

Here are ten of our top Magento blog posts in 2017

1. [Fix It Series] Magento Error: Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page

cannot login to magento admin invalid form key

This is one of the most common problems that Magento developers have to face. Specifically, you can’t log in to the Magento admin. At the same time, you get the following message “Invalid Form Key. Please refresh the page”the screen. Here is the solution…

2. [Fix It Series] Magento Error: Front Controller Reached 100 router Match Iterations

Magento Error Front Controller Reached 100 router Match Iterations

The site is going down several times a day after appearing the Magento error: “Front controller reached 100 router match iterations”. Once this happens, we can’t access to both admin and front-end. What we have left is just an error page. In this Magento blog post, we will show you the main causes, how to debug and resolve this common error.

3. What Do Customers Expect To Have In Your Magento E-Commerce Website?


Have you ever wondered whether your Magento store can meet customer expectations and satisfaction or not? After conducting several surveys, we have found 18 different elements that most of the shoppers wish to have on an online store. Let’s see how many points that your store are owning and missing.

4. Progressive Web App for Magento 2 – Everything You Need To Know

progressive web app for magento 2

As you might know, the Progressive Web Application technology has appeared as a new trend in the recent years. While the mobile webs and mobile apps aren’t able to fulfill customers’ needs and suits with store owners’ financial ability, building a PWA seems to be more feasible. Firstly, since the PWA still run on browsers but deliver app-like experience for the users, it can handle the disadvantages of both traditional webs or native apps. Secondly, the cost of building a PWA is more affordable than creating a mobile app…

5. How To Make Your Magento E-commerce Store Stay Ahead Of Competition On Black Friday?

how to make your magento e-commerce store stay ahead of the competition in blackfriday

Needless to say, Black Friday is one of the most special occasions that both e-commerce sellers and buyers wait for long. As a Magento e-commerce store owner, you should grasp this perfect opportunity to boost your sales dramatically. According to many recent surveys, the average revenue that an online business gains from the month containing Black Friday might be doubled or even tripled compared to other months. In this article, we are glad to help by showing you a few effective tips to help your e-businesses stay ahead of the competition. Let’s get started.

6. How To Get Attribute ID, Name, Value From Attribute Code In Magento 2

How To Get Attribute ID, Name, Value From Attribute Code In Magento 2

In this Magento 2 tutorial, we will show you a quick way to can get the attribute information including atrribute name or label, id, entity_type, and so on from the attribute code. You can add the following code anywhere that you want…

7. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Magento Website?


It is no doubt that Magento is one of the most prevalent e-commerce platforms nowadays. It is trusted and widely used by roughly 25% of total online store owners around the world (equivalent to around 150,000 shops). There are a variety of reasons for choosing Magento as a solid foundation to start your online business.

In order to decide whether Magento would be a right match for your future store, you have to consider carefully about the cost to build a Magento website besides comparing it with other platforms. Therefore, in this Magento blog post, we will help you to discover the current price ranges of creating a new site based on Magento on the market.

8. Create Order Programmatically in Magento 2 (in 5 minutes)

how to create order programmatically in magento 2 in 5 minutes

In this Magento 2 tutorial, we will show you how to create order and quote programmatically in Magento 2 – in just 5 minutes.

9. How To Create A Credit Memo In Magento 2? (10 minutes)

how to create a credit memo in magento 2

In many cases, the customers ask for a refund because they are not satisfied with your products. Therefore, Magento 2 offers us the Credit Memo function in order to help the Magento store owners give the refund easily for their purchasers. In this Magento tutorial, we will show you how to create, print and check records of credit memos in Magento 2. Let’s get started!

10. How To Set Up Currencies In Magento 2? (10 minutes)

how to set up currencies in magento 2

In this Magento 2 tutorial, we will show you several steps of currencies configuration in Magento 2 (including defining the accepted currencies and displayed ones).


We have shown you the Tigren’s Top 10 Magento blog posts that have a substantial number of views in the last year. In 2018, we promise to deliver content more frequently while still keeping the high level of quality in each article.

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April LeeTop 10 Tigren Magento Blog Posts From 2017

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