When Is the Right Time to Revamp Your E-commerce Website?

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After running for a certain period, almost all websites gradually become stagnant and outdated. However, when does the site need to be completely overhauled exactly? This article will help you to define the suitable stage by giving 5 simple questions related to your website. If you say “Yes” to any of these, you should revamp website in the next few months. In case you agree to all of the questions, you must think of building the site from the scratch now.

1. Does Your Website Look Boring And Obsolete?

As you might know, the first impression is pivotal, which is unlikely to change over time. Therefore, if your site is outdated, especially when your rivals’ sites are well-designed with a modern and fresh look, you have a high chance of being out of the competition. To deal with that, let’s revamp the website, give it a state-of-the-art and professional interface.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t wait until seeing the obvious difference between your store and those of the competitors then start repairing your site. What you need to do is update your site regularly with new technologies even before all other opponents in the market.

2. Does Your Site Own A Very Low Speed?

By remaining the low page load speed, you are losing your customers. While online shopping needs to be easy and comfortable, a heavy page might make the buyers feel time-consuming, stressed, and even unwilling to continue shopping.

It is not difficult to improve and optimize your site speed, however, turning to a service provider to help would make your life easier. They have special tools to check all reasons for your suggested website as well as have enough time and professional skills to solve the issues thoroughly.

3. Is Your Site Non-Responsive And Non-Mobile-Friendly?

Nowadays, being responsive and mobile-friendly seems to be a “must” for any e-commerce website. The reason is that there is an increase in the types of devices that the customers use to access your site especially by mobile (roughly a third of website visitors coming from this source).

Therefore, if you cannot make your site display nicely and conveniently on mobile devices, you are “leaving money on the table”

4. Does Your Site Have A Bad Website Ranking?

A website revamping will make a huge contribution to maintaining or upgrading your search engine ranking point and even give you an edge over your rivals. If your website is possessing a low ranking, it means that it is poorly structured and not optimized according to SEO standards.

Consequently, your store would miss a huge chance to access thousands of potential customers. Therefore, it is crucial to examine your ranking and then decide whether to revamp the website or not. It’s also worth noting that since Google updates its search engine algorithm regularly, you must pay attention to these updates when repairing your site.

5. Do Your Customers Find It Hard To Communicate With You?

Not providing convenient contact ways for the visitors is a common mistake of online store owners, which might lead to a lot of consequences. Firstly, the buyers can think you are not a reliable store.

Secondly, if you still trust you, they cannot contact and ask about products and services-related issues, and hence, turn to another provider as a result. In those cases, our suggestion is revitalizing your site, adding more “call to action” with clear buttons leading to contact form, applying live chat.

Also, you should build a CMS page for contact that contains your phone number, email, address, and so on. Furthermore, you can show more contact information on the header/footer of your site.

So, When Do You Need To Revamp Website?

In conclusion, revamping the website is very necessary for any business regardless of their small or large scale to keep up with the fast-paced development of the market. You can take advantage of the internal human resource to refurbish the website or delegate to a professional partner like Tigren E-commerce Agency to help you solve problems as fast as possible and at a low cost.

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April LeeWhen Is the Right Time to Revamp Your E-commerce Website?

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