20 Free Website Speed Test Tools For E-commerce Websites In 2022 (Part 2)

Free Website Speed Test Tools

In the last blog post, we have shown you the first 10 valuable free website speed test tools for e-commerce stores. Today, we will continue suggesting 10 remaining useful testing tools that you can attain at no cost. Let’s get started!

20. Chrome DevTools

chrome devtools

This is one of the most familiar free website speed test tools for developers since it’s easy to test and debug in their local environment.

To launch the DevTools, you need to open your Chrome browser and press the combination of keys:

  • For Window/ Linux: Ctrl + Shift + I
  • For Mac: Cmd + Opt + I

After that, it will show a detailed analysis of your e-commerce websites. Here are more things you might want to know about Chrome DevTools:

  • Using Devetools, you will be able to boost your network connections, disable the cache, detect slow Time To First Byte, get page rendering screenshots, etc.
  • Moreover, you can figure out the exact DOMContentLoaded time, its total load time, or what blocks the resources and how to handle it. (Network -> Show Overview -> Ctrl+R/ Cmd+R -> refresh)
  • Lighthouse, Google’s great automated tool for a performance audit, is integrated into Devtools. Owing to that, you will know how to improve your site based on the failing audits.

19. MobiReady

Although MobiReady is a new testing tool, it has proved to be one of the most effective free website speed test tools for developers, designers, and marketers to assess a website’s performance on mobile devices.

The unique thing about MobiReady is that it will conduct your test according to the W3C standards, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Yahoo YSlow.

mobiready test website speed

How does it work?

  • MobiReady implements 4 tests on 4 different types of devices (desktop, high-tier phone, mid-tier phone, and low-tier phone) to check out how your website performs at the same time.
  • It takes advantage of Chrome to download all assets of your pages and check the sizes.
  • Overall, MobiReady gives us a relatively accurate score abiding by the industry guidelines.
mobiready test website speed result

To enhance your online store based on MobiReady testing, you must click on each test to view its details and the solutions. 

18. Varvy

Varvy is one of the most powerful all-in-one free website speed test tools for an e-commerce website, checking your speed, mobile functionality, and SEO (based on Google webmaster guidelines). After conducting a detailed analysis, Varvy will provide plenty of handy tips and guidelines for optimizing your site performance.

More specifically, the test results consist of a summary, a page resource diagram, CSS delivery, Javascript usage, speed issues,…

varvy test website speed
varvy tool test website speed

17. Sucuri Load Time Tester

Sucuri Load Time Tester tool offers a simple and fast way to evaluate how your site performs in different countries worldwide. After checking your total time for each area (based on Connection time and Time To First Byte), Sucuri will analyze and give you a Global Performance Grade (A to F).

More specifically, this test helps to determine how long it takes to connect to your website and for your web page to load fully.

sucuri load time tester
sucuri load time tester results

16. Think With Google – Google Mobile-friendly Test

Powered by WebPageTest.org, the Think With Google tool will help you find out whether your site is mobile-friendly or not and give you helpful suggestions for enhancements.

goodle mobile-friendly test

This tool allows you to get free reports sent to your email or forward the information to your webmaster or developer just by clicks.

Moreover, Think With Google not only analyze your eCommerce website but also compare it with other sites in the same industry. From there, you will know how far you have to try to overcome your competitors.

goodle mobile-friendly test results

15. Dareboost

Another useful free website speed test tool that is highly recommended is Dareboost. Like Varvy, Dareboost is a comprehensive tool for analyzing your website speed, performance monitoring, and SEO.

dareboost free tool to test website performance

This test tool will analyze various data points (up to 80), for example, the number of requests, accessibility, jQuery, cache policy, browser rendering,…

In comparison to other tools on the list, Dareboost’s security reporting is quite special. It will show whether your site is missing a security policy header and SSL certificate, or whether your site is exposed to clickjacking attacks or not, etc.

dareboost free tool to test website performance results

Looking at the Dareboost report, you can quickly find problems with your eCommerce website and suggestions for improvements.

Furthermore, it allows you to conduct testings and get up to 5 website reports monthly. 

14. WebPageTest

Developed and supported by Google, WebPageTest is an amazing open-source tool, allowing you to implement free speed tests from one or a wide range of locations worldwide using browsers – Chrome and Internet Explorer.

By using WebPageTest, you can conduct some unique tests such as content blocking, multi-step transactions, connection speed, or video capture, … almost everything across your site.

What is more, you can run a test for 3 websites simultaneously so that it’s convenient to compare your site with your competitors’ ones.

webpagetest free testing tool
webpagetest free testing tool result

13. Bitcatcha

Owing to Bitcatcha, your eCommerce site will be tested from 8 locations (USx2, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Bangalore, Sydney, and Japan).

Once the tests are completed, you will get a specific time for each region, a performance grade, and suggestions on how to improve your website’s performance.

Moreover, you are allowed to share the testing result at ease owing to the available link provided by Bitcatcha.

bitcatcha website speed testing tool
bitcatcha website speed test

12. PerfTool

PerfTool is another open-source tool for testing your website speed, hosted on Github. It provides plenty of useful information about your site and displays the results in an easy-understanding way as well.

To give you a detailed report, PefTool gathers 3 trustful data sources, including DevPerf, PageSpeed Insights, and W3CJS.

There are more than 200 performance indicators in the report for your e-commerce website. Just enter the URL of your site and let PerfTool do the rest.


11. Monitis

The last website speed test tool that you shouldn’t ignore is Monitis. This tool is simple but produces quick and reliable results.

Your website will be checked from 3 different locations, namely the USA, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

Last but not least, it allows you to instantly share test results via emails, social media, or direct messages.

monitis web speed test tool

What Is Your Favorite Free Website Speed Test Tool?

If you desire to speed up your website, first, spend your time finding a reliable website speed test tool to evaluate your current performance, figure out which needs improvement and how to do it. Moreover, there are many available free website speed test tools on the market, so don’t waste your money on a paid one. Hoping that you can find a proper tool for testing your website among the mentioned tools in this post.

Furthermore, after noticing your issues, but you don’t have enough knowledge and expertise to improve the site, WE CAN HELP. With more than 10-year experience in eCommerce website development, we know how to make any eCommerce store perform at its best. Contact us by sending your requests to [email protected] to get a free consultation.

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