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With competitive pricing and excellent services, we are the leading offshore web development company located in Vietnam. Since 2012, we have delivered a wide range of outsourcing website design and development projects to our clients worldwide.

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Why Outsource Web Development Offshore?

For Web Owners

A Huge Amount Of Money Saving

Website development can cost from $2,000-100,000. Why is that price range too wide? Besides the project's complexity level, different web developers' hourly rates are the main reason. While the US/ UK developers will charge you at least $70/hour for their services, you have to pay only $20-40/hour to have the same site built by an offshore company in Asia.

Therefore, more and more small and medium-sized businesses or startups in the US, the UK, Australia, Ireland, the UAE, etc., prefer hiring an offshore company instead of a local one.

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For Local Web Development Companies

Besides the cost factor, plenty of local agencies in the US, the UK, Australia, Ireland, the UAE, etc. partner with an offshore company for the following reasons:

e-commerce software development

Build a rich portfolio quickly

Besides the cost factor, plenty of local agencies in the US, the UK, Australia, Ireland, the UAE, etc. partner with an offshore company for the following reasons:

e-commerce website development services

Support in "high seasons"

There might be times that you got a lot of requests but had to deny them because of lacking developers. In those cases, it's better to hire an offshore company, so you still build up your customer list and grow your profits as well.

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Focus on sales & customer service

Compared to outsourcing companies, your local agency will definitely find it easier to attract local customers with high-cost projects. Why don't you think about sales and services focus and leave the technical work to a trusted offshore company?

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Get the best project quality

Instead of taking all the work from the beginning to the end, you can let the website development outsourcing company do most of the parts, and your agency only focuses on the final phase of quality assurance and testing. Thanks to that, the project quality will be ensured before delivering to the end clients.

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Extend service offerings

Technologies are growing fast. However, if your web agency wants to catch up with the latest ones by providing related services, it might not be easy. For example, to add the Progressive Web App development service to your offering list, your developers must spend months learning and testing it before that. Hiring offshore website developers are the shortcut that you want.

Why Choose Tigren As Your Offshore Web
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10+ Years of experience in web design & development


Hundreds of successful outsourced projects


Competitive cost with flexible pricing models

Our Offshore Outsourcing
Web Development Services

Outsource Web Design

If you want to outsource web design to a first-rate offshore company, congratulation, you found it! Our creative web designers will help you to create an aesthetic and trendy storefront while still emphasizing the importance of user experience and conversion on the site.

Outsource Web Development

Since 2012, we have been experienced with various websites, built on different platforms (Magento, WordPress/ WooCommerce, Laravel, etc.), and serving different industries. Just tell us your needs and expectations, we can suggest and deliver the best web development solutions.

Outsource App Development

Besides regular outsource web development services, we are capable of upgrading your current website to an advanced Progressive Web App or building a Hybrid Mobile App based on your web.

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Our Cooperation Models

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Project-based Outsourcing

If you are the web owner or a web development company that works with us for the first time, this model will suit you best. After getting your project requirements, we will suggest proper solutions with estimated time and cost. The whole development process will take place on our server. After delivering the final results (including the web and its source code), we will continue providing you with free support (3-12 months based on your project scale).

Dedicated team/ developer

If you are a web agency, you might also consider hiring our dedicated development team or some developers to fill in your current team. We can work 8 hours a day and 5 days per week (from Monday to Friday) for your projects. Our typical development team includes a project manager, a technical lead, a web designer, front-end and back-end developers, a QA manager, and testers. If you want a professional web development team working for you and under your control, this model is for you.



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