Outsourcing Web Development Cost In 2022: What Affect Your Spending?

outsourcing web development cost

An e-commerce website has gradually become indispensable for any business. However, since self-building is tricky and outsourcing web development cost is difficult to calculate, many companies still lack an online channel.

If you are having the same problem, then don’t worry! This article will provide you with a detailed outsourcing web developing pricing guide!

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When Do You Need To Outsource Website Design?

Not enough web development experts

It’s unlikely that you can develop a quality website without the help of experts. Besides, you also need to have a team with skills in website development, not just one person.

If there’s no one with the required development skills in your organization, it’s best to seek an agency.

Need a new perspective

Even if you have the financial and human resources, an agency can still benefit you. They can bring a different opinion about the market situation or a new website building method. This helps you avoid falling behind the competition.

Lack of time

Building a website is extremely time-consuming. This headache can be easily solved when you hire a web design firm. They have enough experienced personnel and an optimized process, which will help shorten the time-to-market of your website to a minimum.

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Outsourcing Web Development Cost

The price to outsource an agency to build a web from scratch often depends on many different factors. As a result, people who choose this service usually wonder, “how much does outsourcing web development cost.” 

The holding region

The first factor to consider is the outsourcing holding’s region. It will highly affect the cost.

Usually, companies in North America have the highest prices, from $150 to $200 per hour. The budget for a European company is between $70 and $190 for an hour of work. That of Eastern Europe is between $20 – $60 an hour. The cheapest is in Southeast Asia, with only $10 to $40 per hour.

Remember, the reason for this difference is not necessarily the company’s ability or reputation. The living costs in these places are different, so their charges are also various.

The development time

Second, the development time also dramatically affects how much you need to pay. They will estimate the total working hour according to your requirements and the planned project timeline.

Agencies often take requests for hourly payment. However, you can also negotiate and ask for project-based pay if you want to eliminate the effect of the time factor.

The project’s complexity

Third, projects with high sophistication are obviously more expensive. With these projects, agencies will have to deploy more staff to build your website. These additional developers are usually professionals who have a high skill level and many years of experience. Therefore, their salary is way higher.

Don’t forget that these projects will often need to be developed over a long time. Designers will have to work meticulously with a heavy workload during that time.

Besides, such websites often need up-to-date technology to feature complex and compelling features. Because of those reasons, the complexity affects the price noticeably.

project complexity

Business category

Finally, and the most overlooked factor, is the business industry.

Real estate websites are often the most expensive. This price usually ranges from $45,000 to $66,150. Next are health and fashion websites. The funding to prepare for these websites is about $35,000 to $65,000. Next, online learning sites will cost you around $62,000.

However, the price for regular e-commerce websites is relatively low, only about $15,000 to $40,000.

Is Web Design Agency Worth the Cost?

Less workload

With a reputable and professional agency, the main task you’re responsible for is monitoring their work and testing the results. Thanks to this convenience, you will have more time to complete other business tasks.

Lower long-term cost

In the long run, you’ll see that outsourcing can be much more beneficial for your business.

If you recruit an in-house team, you will have to continuously pay them for a long time. On the other hand, if you hire freelancers, the essential funding for them is no different from that for an agency.

In addition, website development requires the participation of many people, so you will have to find the necessary staff all by yourself.

A Reputable Web Development Agency

After reading the above, you should now be able to answer the question, “how much does it cost to outsource web development?”.

However, today many companies are specializing in website design with diverse prices. Suppose you are confused and do not know which reputable company, consider Tigren.

We are confident we can become a great companion for the following reasons:

We have a team of professional developers with ten years of web development experience. They constantly update the latest knowledge and up-to-date technology on website development.

After working with many clients, we have successfully created an optimal website building process. It will reduce the total price and time-to-market for you.

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Bottom Line

It can be seen that outsourcing web development cost depends entirely on your choice. If you buy a simple theme, the budget you need to prepare can be only a few hundred dollars. Conversely, this number can go up to thousands with a custom theme. Design from scratch service is even more expensive than that.

However, the price comes with the quality of the product. Evaluate your business situation thoroughly to see which option is a good sense of investment.

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