A Progressive Web App can be not powerful as it could be if you choose a low-grade Progressive Web App development company. So, let's make it right from start by working with 5-year-experience PWA developers at Tigren.


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We have been delivering Progressive Web App development services since 2017. With tremendous experience and successful projects on hand, now we are one of the top-of-mind PWA development companies.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide both ready-made and custom PWA solutions to serve different business needs.

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Our PWA Development Services

We will help you to brainstorm, build, maintain and upgrade your Progressive Web App:

PWA UI/UX design

Like any website, Progressive Web App needs to have an eye-catching, user-friendly, fully responsive and high-converting storefront. And we will make it for you.

Custom PWA development

Tell us everything you need and expect for your Progressive Web App. We will create a PWA as unique as you.

PWA theme and template development

If you want to minimize the time for your Progressive Web App development, our ready-made PWA templates will help you achieve that goal.

PWA plugin development

Similar to websites, PWA also needs extensions specialized for it to enhance its performance and functionality. Now, we are providing a number of plugins that are necessary for any PWA.

Migration to PWA

If you already have a regular website and want to upgrade it to a potent PWA to satisfy a large number of mobile users, this service is for you.

PWA optimization

Our specialists can audit your PWA and provide proper solutions to help you make the most of it in terms of speed, user experience, and performance.

PWA maintenance & support

PWA development does not end with PWA establishment. If left without proper attention, it would pile up with bugs and outdated information. That's why you will need our maintenance and support services.




progressive web apps project by Tigren web app development services


progressive web apps project by development team from Tigren web app development services

progressive web apps development project by Tigren web app development services


web app development project by Tigren progressive web app developers

Why Progressive Web App Development?

Years ago, developing native mobile apps is the best way to enhance the experience for mobile users. But it changes after PWAs come into being. A PWA can have the powers of native apps while addressing the native apps' weaknesses by combining the strengths of websites.

Just by one light and powerful PWA, you can welcome customers from either search engines or app stores, and more importantly deliver an amazing experience regardless of users' devices, browsers, and operating systems. Then, high engagement, conversion rates, and revenue will come as a result.

Fast Speed

Instant Loading, Lightning Interactions

More than 50% of visitors will leave if your website takes more than 5 seconds to load. After being integrated with the Progressive Web App technology, your web page load speed will be rocketed.

There is no longer the flash of the white screen when navigating between pages and the page header will persist throughout the transitions.





progressive web application development
progressive web application development

App-Like Interface


Progressive Web App will open a door of excellent user experience with the accelerated loading speed, even on flaky networks, handy push notifications, instant access on the home screen with an app icon, and more.

Needless to say, Progressive Web App development is a perfect solution for merchants to drive customer engagement and revenue.

  • Icon On Mobile Home Screen
    Once the shoppers visit the store on their browser, they will be invited to add your PWA to their home screen – just one click, no complicated installation required. Compared to persuading the users to install a Magento native app, it is an easier way to earn a place on their smartphone, isn’t it?
  • Push Notifications
    With push notifications, you can draw customers’ attention even when their browser/app is closed. You can easily notify your buyers of your promo campaigns, introduce your latest products and simply remind them to visit your store after a long time. Compared to traditional email marketing, this might be a better approach to engage your buyers.
  • Fullscreen Mode
    Fullscreen mode will disguise your PWA into a native app, which helps to shape user expectations early and gives them a seamless online shopping experience afterward.
  • Splash Page With Store Logo
    After adding a home screen shortcut, your PWA looks exactly like a normal mobile app, and launching it with a splash screen will make the users even more excited. Instead of displaying a browser interface with the distraction of the URL bar, you can welcome store visitors with a branded image and logo.
…But more convenient!

Magento 2 Progressive Web App paves the way for a cutting-edge mobile browsing experience that will challenge all existing Magento native apps. Some experts even predicted that this technology could replace native apps sooner or later.

  • progressive web application development - offline mode

    Offline mode

    PWA allows users to access cached content. As a result, they can enjoy the seamless shopping experience although the network can appear and disappear very often.
  • progressive web app developers - low storage usage

    Low Storage Usage

    When a native app is installed on the user’s smartphone/ tablet, it will pull directly from the device’s resources. For PWAs, it will occupy just a modest storage space to avoid affecting the whole device's performance.
  • progressive web app developers - cross platform

    Cross-platform Availability

    Since each native app must specialize in iOS or Android, the app have to be developed separately to target users of both platforms. On the contrary, Magento 2 PWA can be utilized regardless of the user’s browser.
  • web app development companies in new york - easy updates

    Easy Updates

    Similar to accessing usual web pages, the customers can effortlessly get the latest updates of your PWA just by refreshing the page.
  • web applications - background sync

    Background Sync

    Background sync gives you the ability to hold up the user’s actions when losing the Internet and complete those once getting the connection back.
  • new york, web applications - low cost

    Low Cost

    Developing native apps (for both iOS and Android users) is pricey. Meanwhile, converting your website to PWA using Magento 2 PWA theme costs you even less than building a single app!
  • new york, user experience seo support

    SEO Support

    Magento 2 Progressive Web App will maintain the structure of your current website, that’s why it can be optimized, searchable by search engines, and shared via URLs as well.

Who's Using PWAs?

Most of the PWA early adopters might be very familiar to all of us.

user experience, user engagement, pwa examples

On Average

  • 3X

    faster speed

  • 45%

    lower bounce rate

  • 167%

    growth in mobile
    user number

  • 43%

    in page views

  • 38%

    in time spent on site

  • 2X

    conversion rate

  • 63%

    increase in revenue

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Our PWA Development Process


Discuss with clients to thoroughly understands their needs, requirements, expectations and difficulties (if any) and suggest the best PWA solutions.

progressive web app template, user experiences, user engagement
progressive web app development company, user experience, user engagement


Prepare a comprehensive proposal with specific solutions, estimated development time, support period, project cost and scope.

Move on with the PWA development contract, NDA and project timeline once the proposal is approved.

Get to work

Set up the environment for development and testing on our server. Start designing/ developing/ upgrading the PWA as requirements. Keep in touch with the clients to make sure everything goes on the right track.

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pwa checklist, mobile app development
web app development tools

Test and test

Conduct internal testings on every stage of the development, including testing individual components, testing the whole process with over 100 test cases and scenarios.

Submit the app to the clients for User Acceptance Testing.

Handle feedback & optimization

Address feedback from the clients (if any) and optimize the app's performance and speed.

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progressive web app on ios, good user experience

Go live

Move the app to the live server and ready to release!

Our Technologies & Tools For Successful PWA Development

We offer cross-platform app development services to build feature-rich applications based on the React Native and Ionic frameworks that deliver a great experience on any user device (iOS, Android, Windows, and more).

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