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Our Magento SEO Service will help you achieve high and durable positions on the search engine results page. Whether you have a brand-new website or have been running one for several years, our effective SEO strategies and tactics will get your site featured in the top-ranking content!

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Why Magento SEO Service Is So Important
To Your Business Success

Default Magento SEO features
are not enough

As you might know, Magento provides some valuable features to optimize your website for SEO, such as adding URL key, meta title, meta keywords, meta description, XML sitemap, integrating with Google Analytics, etc.

However, those are only a part of the story. Even when you utilize all of the available features or install a Magento SEO extension/ toolkit to support, the way to Google's first page is still very far away. That's why you need a Magento SEO specialist to set your site up for SEO success.

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You can avoid a roundabout way

Many Magento store owners decide to implement SEO themselves with many available Do-it-yourself Magento SEO tips found on Google to save the cost. The thing is, they don't know what really works and are often overwhelming among too many SEO terms and strategies. Consequently, they will likely try and fail many times, and their rankings don't see any improvements over a long period.

On the other hand, if they cooperate with a professional Magento SEO consultant from the beginning, the way to get the target site rankings is no longer vague. They can know what they can achieve - how long it takes - how much it costs and prepare well.

Who Is Tigren's Magento SEO Service For?

New Magento Stores

If your Magento website has been released recently, it means that it has almost no domain authority, a negligible backlink profile, and hardly any traffic unless you pay for pricey ads. Therefore, it would be challenging for you to compete with websites that have been around for a long time with high domain authority and a considerable number of backlinks.

But it doesn't mean that you have no chance. With our substantial experience in SEO for new websites, we can suggest a strategic SEO plan to help new Magento stores find their opportunities and join the race.

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Current Magento Stores

If your Magento website is experiencing one or many of the following issues, it's time for finding help from Magento SEO experts:

  • It does not appear on Google search results for keywords related to your business niche.
  • It drives just a small amount of organic traffic.
  • Its traffic hardly converts to leads and sales.

We can help you figure out and eliminate the root causes of your problems. Owing to that, your site can rank better and drive the traffic volume you expect.

Get more visibility, more traffic,
more conversions, more revenue.

Show Me How

Our Process For Successful
Magento SEO Campaigns

  • 01Magento SEO Audit

    We will examine your Magento website (content, on-page, off-page, technical, entity) to figure out where it is standing, why it does not bring back as many as traffic as you want. From that, we can suggest the best strategies to help you reach your goals.

  • 02Magento SEO Proposal

    We will create an SEO proposal for your Magento store based on your site's situation and expectations.

  • 03Discussion and Agreement

    After discussing and reaching an agreement about your project, we can sign the contract with transparent terms and commitments.

  • 04Magento SEO Blueprint

    We will divide your project into small tasks and set specific targets (timeline and results) for each of them. Based on that detailed action plan, you can easily follow our process.

  • 05Magento SEO Implementation

    Your project will be carried out as our agreed plan. We will actively update you with the project progress and your site rankings and traffic improvements.

  • 06SEO Performance & Result Measurement

    After the committed time, we will collect and send you all the SEO results of your Magento store.

Why Choose Tigren's Magento SEO Service

As the leading Magento SEO company, we are trusted by hundreds of Magento eCommerce stores worldwide.

Methodical Magento SEO Approaches

With 10+ years of experience in delivering Magento development, Magento 1, and Magento 2 SEO services, we understand all the pros and cons of Magento websites.

Thanks to that, we developed a "secret recipe" for Magento SEO success and will apply Magento SEO best practices to help your store appear on the first page of Google in the shortest time possible.

Magento SEO Experts
SEO service for Magento

Adaptive SEO Strategies

Firstly, Magento businesses in different industries will need different SEO strategies. Therefore, before starting any Magento SEO project, we will research the client's niche to propose the most effective strategy.

Secondly, we change our strategies regularly to adapt rapidly-updating Google's search algorithm. Thanks to that, we will not only help Magento stores to get high rankings but also maintain the top positions.

Conversion-Focused Tactics

Unlike other Magento SEO agencies, our target is not simply increasing traffic to the websites. To be more specific, we try our best to draw "meaning" traffic that is relevant and likely to convert. In other words, we will help you do SEO in the most profitable way.

We emphasize the importance of target customers' search intent and will optimize your site content for that.

Magento SEO Company
Magento 2 SEO

Safe White-hat SEO Techniques

Black-hat SEO techniques can get your site rank fast but lose your positions fast as well. Worse, your Magento site can be penalized by Google, and it would be hard to take it back.

At Tigren, we only apply effective white-hat SEO techniques to help your website rank without breaking the rules.

Sustainable Results

Selecting our SEO service for your Magento store means that you will have a good SEO presence to grow your business for years to come.

Google can change its algorithm, your niche can be more and more competitive, but you can still keep your high rankings by applying and boosting our advanced SEO strategies and tactics.

Magento 2 SEO service
Keyword Research

Transparent Process

Our team can explain thoroughly what we are doing or will implement on your Magento website, as well as provide you with SEO understanding in an easy-to-digest way.

Show on the first page of Google, get your brand noticed, and lots of clicks.

Let's Get Started!

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Included In Our Magento SEO Service

SEO Audit

Crawlability, sitemap, robot.txt, metadata, alt tags, broken links, redirects, schema, site speed...

Keyword Research

Product keywords, branded keywords, geo-targeted keywords, long-tail keywords, latent semantic indexing keywords, daily rank tracking...

On-page SEO

Internal link building, content - pillar pages & topic clusters, blog, outbound links, titles and tags, image optimization...

Off-page SEO

Backlink building, entity building, SEO signals - brand mentions...

Competitor analysis

Keyword gaps, link intersect, most-viewed content, rankings...

Varied SEO Tools Served For Your Project

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