13 Excellent Hybrid App Examples That Will Inspire You

hybrid app examples

Facebook first introduced the concept of the hybrid app in 2012. Since then, this application has been successfully applied to many business models. If you are also interested in it, check out these hybrid app examples. They can give you a more accurate view of the hybrid app’s potential.

Hybrid App: A Simple Definition

The hybrid app is a mixture of native apps and web apps. Or, more precisely, a hybrid app has the source code of web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and the shell of a native app.

To get the appearance of a native app, developers have to use WebView and Apache Cordova. These two platforms’ responsibility is hiding the browser bar, filtering data from websites, and creating app features.

In particular, despite having a website technology core, the hybrid app can still fully connect with the phone’s functions such as camera, contacts, etc. However, this process requires plug-ins included.

Finally, hybrid apps can still be distributed on app marketplaces like Appstore and CH Play. It still needs approval from these markets to be distributed.

Why Are Some Big Companies Choosing Hybrid Apps?

Hybrid apps have only one codebase. Thanks to this, its programming and debugging process is relatively quick and simple.

So often, hybrid apps have time to develop optimally. Its time-to-market is usually only 200 to 5,000 hours, depending on complexity. Much less than native apps.

In addition, due to the reduction of development team hiring costs, programming language costs, etc., the total budget for hybrid apps development is not high.

Not only that, unless you change the source code, new versions of hybrid apps don’t need to wait for the app marketplaces’ permission. You can avoid the 7 to 14 day approval wait time and an approval fee.

13 Hybrid App Examples You Can Learn From

These are the best hybrid apps that prove the performance of a multi-platform framework can be just as great as a native app!


twitter app

The Twitter app is a prime example of a successful hybrid app. This is a highly well-known social networking site with 187 million active users. The fact that a multi-platform application can handle such a large amount of traffic is impressive.

Besides, Twitter also has many outstanding features, such as live stream using mobile devices, posting Tweets with friends, offline mode, recommendation features, etc.

It’s hard to find the limitations of hybrid apps often mentioned on technological forums in the Twitter application. Especially the performance issue. Twitter is speedy and smooth. It can connect with most functions in users’ phones extremely stable. Besides, it saves app usage data for users up to 40%.


examples of hybrid apps

Checking email has become a daily basis for many people these days. This is an indispensable tool for a lot of people. So are you surprised when we say Gmail is a hybrid app?

Gmail has brought a new perspective to the cross-platform application market. This is an application for an efficient email service. Currently, it has millions of downloads from the app markets.

Gmail’s success is partly due to the improvement in HTML5. It has enhanced the user experience with a range of helpful, simple features and functions.

In addition to providing a consistent experience for users regardless of the platform they use to log in, it also has many prominent functions that are inferior to native apps. For example, multiple accounts supporting, automatic blocking spam blocking, messages classifying, etc.


top hybrid apps

Contrary to popular belief, Evernote is not a native app. It is a hybrid note app with excellent performance.

Evernote developers have put a lot of effort into designing its features, security, and interfaces to achieve success today. It can support users to the maximum with camera capture and scanning, automatic data synchronization, self-design, discussion, and note sharing.

In addition to its features and interfaces, this app also has an excellent security system. Evernote uses VPNs and firewalls to keep phone users safe. It even has TOTP and Google Authenticator apps to verify users’ identities.

It can be seen that not only performance but Evernote’s functions also are not inferior to any native app.


hybrid apps

The following hybrid app example in this list is another viral social network. It is quite interesting that Instagram is a multi-platform app while Facebook is a native app of original use.

Similar to Twitter, Instagram can receive millions of hits per day. It ensures that every user has a great experience.

Thanks to the hybrid app’s web technology source code and its native cover (specifically HTML5 technology), this application allows users to access both online and offline. They can still text, post photos, and post stories as usual offline. Their actions during the offline period will be sent back as soon as the internet is available.

The functions of Instagram are also extremely powerful. For example, IGTV for videos longer than 1 minute, Instagram Reels for short videos, texting function, Story for personal daily events, creative tools, etc.


hybrid apps

This is a high-performance cryptocurrency app. It was created with the main purpose of helping users to monitor cryptocurrency price changes. 

It even made it to the top 100 crypto apps ranking. The benefits of hybrid applications play no small part in helping it earn this achievement.


hybrid apps

Justwatch is a hybrid app for TV streaming services. It can play content from many popular platforms, such as Netflix, DisnetPlus, Amazon Prime, etc. You can simply understand it is a tool that helps find online videos from many sources and stream them back to you.

Currently, Justwatch has millions of active users every month. It is a prime example of a hybrid app with great speed and performance.


hybrid apps

This fantastic platform allows you to search, share, and discover beers with your friends. You can also create lists of beers you like, receive notifications of beer distribution locations, follow friends and search for beer worldwide. Definitely an app for a good time.

Besides those facts, there is another exciting thing that you may not know about this application, this is a hybrid application!

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a popular hybrid application because of its friendly, easy-to-see, and lovely interface.

Basken Robbins app’s performance is exactly like a native app using the latest HTML technology. This application has a rapid response time to user actions, even when offline.

In addition, thanks to the hybrid app’s simple codebase construction, Baskin Robbins updates happen more frequently. Promotions and events are revised regularly on the app.

Remote POS

remote pos app

Unlike most of the hybrid apps on this list, Remote POS is designed for business use. This application allows managing and handling restaurant operations with just one phone.

With its hybrid technology, businesses can use most of its features offline. They only need an internet connection when required to print invoices for customers.

This application also provides advanced cloud storage and local storage features.



Uber is one of the most inspiring hybrid app examples. This is a very famous platform that helps users to book cars. The developers equip their users with many complex functions to bring them the best experience. For example, locating users, providing drivers’ images, various payment gateways, etc.

Besides, this hybrid application is speedy, accurate, and easy to use. Thanks to that, customers can quickly find their needed vehicle, and payment, and locate the right driver.

There was even a time when Uber was considered one of the fastest loading apps—even compared to native apps, of course.

Apple App Store

apple app store

Apple App Store is a hybrid app written in HTML5. It is also one of the applications that have made people rethink the capacity of hybrid apps.

With the search function, users can easily find the applications they need in the shortest time with a few simple steps.

In addition, it also has an extremely easy-to-use interface with a lot of outstanding features. It shows users what’s new and hottest products in real-time. It even has sophisticated features like recommendations based on purchase history.



This is an exercise application. It shows users exercise methods according to their physical conditions and goals.

Many people see Sworkit as an example of how hybrid apps can be applied to many specialized fields. 

Sworkit designers have equipped it with many special abilities, such as exercise personalization, 1-on-1 expert assistance, 300 custom exercises, and individually designed programs impersonal.

Amazon App Store

amazon appstore

Similar to Apple App Store, Amazon App Store is also an application market platform with source code written in HTML5.

Amazon has a clear purpose when choosing a hybrid app over a native app. They want their application to have a user-friendly interface and a consistent experience.

The Amazon App Store also has great search capabilities, a simple checkout process, and an optimized customer review corner.

Tigren’s Hybrid App Development Service

Through listed 13 hybrid apps above, you’ve probably already realized the potential they can achieve. It is uncontroversial that the ability of a hybrid app is powerful, but its price is much lower than the native one.

However, although a hybrid app is potential, not every company can develop a good application. It would be best to choose a companion as not everyone can provide a reputable service.

Tigren, with 10 years of experience in providing technology solutions for businesses such as website design, app design, etc. We are fully qualified to design a high-performance hybrid app at an affordable price.

Besides, Tigren also has an optimized app-building process. We guarantee that the overall cost and development time will be significantly reduced compared to normal service.

hybrid app development services

Bottom Line

Multi-platform frameworks are becoming more and more popular in recent times. Besides the hybrid app examples we have listed, many businesses have tried the technology and succeeded. This shows that the capacity and potential of this application type are immense.

Hope you have got the information you need after reading this article. Thanks for reading!

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