Best E-commerce Websites And Design Strategies To Shape The Business Success

ecommerce design strategies

The decisive factor to the lucrative launch of the best eCommerce websites is website design. Accordingly, building a splendid and design plays a vital role in making your online stores stay ahead of the competition. It entices customers to stick into your store, leading to a higher success order rate.

Thus, this article will prompt you to the best eCommerce websites available today. Along with it is the most prevailing set of design strategies used in 2021 by leading online retailers.

Top 10 Best eCommerce Websites in 2021

To begin with, let’s look at the eCommerce websites with stunning designs and the best features available today. The list below divides eCommerce websites into three categories: fashion, health and beauty, and food and beverage.

First, the article will underline insightful online fashion shops. Those are eCommerce websites that hold a pleasant customer journey and elegant design.

#1 Fashion eCommerce Websites 



You have probably heard of SHEIN if you love fashion. SHEIN is the most popular brand for the latest fashion trends. When you come to an eCommerce website, you will indeed be surprised.

SHEIN has an elegant and classy interface. The standout point is its gorgeous and high-quality product images. Moreover, the website has a pretty harmonious and reasonable layout. So, it provides users with a pleasant experience.

First, on the welcome page, there are attractive discount vouchers. Those things entice users to stay on the website immediately.

Following that, each product on SHEIN is photographed from various angles. That things then provide buyers with the most detailed and close-up observation. Eventually, it provides online shoppers with the same experience as physical stores.

Not only that, but SHEIN also includes actual product reviews and customer testimonials. Accordingly, it lends credibility to the commercial site.


best ecommerce website templates

Missguided is a fashion website built on top of the Magento platform. It is a UK-based omnichannel retailer. Additionally, t sells clothing geared towards women between 16 and 35 years old.

The first impression is the attractive design when entering this online store. Missguided uses hot colours with easily viewable fonts and fascinating pictures. It all makes the website alluring.

Besides, the text slider at the top of this fashion store is noteworthy. It keeps customers updated with all the latest special offers of the store. Therefore, it encourages buyers to feel more interested and engaged.

Furthermore, Missguided has detailed and streamlined product navigation. So, it makes the searching process more convenient than ever.

Above all, it is the advanced shopping cart of this fashion store. Customers can view the added product by hovering their mouse over the cart icon.

From here, customers can see the title, image, colour, size, quantity, and price of chosen clothing. Such a user-friendly shopping cart is a beautiful plus to your eCommerce website.

Verge girl

ecommerce website best practices

Verge Girl is a women’s online store. It is the flagship store that sells snazzy, vintage-inspired clothing. Additionally, Verge Girl is one of the eCommerce websites with a distinctive style.

Verge girl has a one-of-a-kind and feminine design. It utilizes a soft palette of rustic colours to give the impression of an enchanting fairy book. Moreover, the novel design trend assists Verge girl in clearly communicating the brand identity.

Users can enlarge the image to see every detail of the product on the website. It gives a very realistic feeling to users when viewing product images.

Furthermore, Verge Girl allows customers to add items to their wishlist. The call to action “SHOP WITHOUT REGRETS!” triggers the purchase decision subtly and cleverly.

With “YOU MAY ALSO LOVE”, Verge Girl offers customers a seamless shopping experience.

#2 Healthy and Beauty eCommerce Websites

RAD Soap

best ecommerce website platforms

RAD Soap is an online store that specializes in natural body care products. Consumers regard it as the most trustworthy online skincare store.

RAD Soap’s website design has a minimalistic and easy-to-go manner. As a result, when shopping on RAD Soap, visitors will feel entirely at ease and focused.

Besides, one of the specialities of the store is the Skin Quiz. It tells newcomers about their skin by asking a few trivia questions.

Following that, RAD Soap will recommend suitable products to their skin type. It’s a remarkable strategy for enhancing the customer experience.

Not only that, but RAD Soap includes actual reviews from customers who have used products before. These things exceptionally lend credibility and trustworthiness to the store. Eventually, customers will feel completely secure when shopping on this site.

Kylie Cosmetics

best ecommerce website hosting

Kylie Cosmetics is one of the best health and beauty eCommerce websites. It is a cosmetics company based in the United States that sells makeup and skincare products to women.

Kylie Cosmetics has a distinct brand colour palette that features pink and black as the primary colours. Build a brand colour palette that makes its online store truly luxurious yet equally feminine.

Furthermore, the Kylie Cosmetics website includes an accessibility menu that allows users to customize their experience. Buyers can change the contrast, font size, spacing, cursor, and other settings with accessibility.

The next cool feature of this website is Kylie’s look category. Kylie Cosmetics provides various makeup styles photos in this section. Next to it is the related product sliders. It gives users access to a collection of makeup products used by models easily.


best ecommerce website builder for small business

Woodlot is the final website I would like to mention. It is an online store where you can purchase natural essential oils, candles, soaps and lotions, and natural body fragrances.

The elegance and lightness that that website portrays is the first impression you get when you immerse yourself in it. The colours, fonts, and product images all work together to create a visually appealing whole.

Woodlot also accents its website with beautiful hover effects. When you hover over the product, it will arise as an animation rather than a still image like other websites. It all adds up to a profoundly satisfying eCommerce site.

#3 Food and Beverage eCommerce Websites

Live Love Pop

best ecommerce website design

When it comes to the most beautiful F&B eCommerce website, Live Love Pop should not be overlooked. It is an online shop where you can get the world’s healthiest and tastiest popcorn.

Packs of colourful popcorn lined up neatly on the website are what Live Love Pop will enthral customers. When you think of popcorn, you immediately think of a yellow web page. On the other hand, Live Love Pop chooses to differentiate its brand by using pink and purple. Accordingly, it blew a fresh and lively atmosphere for Live Love Pop.

The store also shows off its creativity when adding popcorn popover hover effects. When you hover over the store’s popcorn package, you’ll see the ingredients, flavours, and usages. It is fabulously fantastic.

Bon Bon Bon

best e-commerce site

Bon Bon Bon is a one-of-a-kind eCommerce website that makes a solid first impression with its unique name.

With colourful animated banners, this online store honestly activates the user’s taste buds. With unique and funny images, Bon Bon Bon gives you the feeling of being lost in an exciting journey.

The Bon Bon Bon website enables customers to customize their box of chocolates by selecting from a variety of flavours. Surprisingly, users also know how much they will have to pay for that box of chocolates.

Thereby, customers will indeed be conquered by the perfect features of this eCommerce website.

Di Bruno Bros.

best ecommerce website builder

Di Bruno Bros. has evolved into a food importer and retailer specializing in cheese, meat, and other specialities.

Correspondingly, the website design focuses on simplicity and honesty. Product images are sharp and high-quality self-portraits. This thing makes the website look very professional.

Another great thing about Din Bruno Bros is the sticky navigation bar. Even when customers scroll down, they will always see the sticky navigation bar at the top of the page. It allows customers to move around the store quickly.

Furthermore, Di Bruno Bros offers a search filter to search for products more convenient for customers.

It can be said that their online store creates an environment where customers can shop comfortably and with minimal effort.

Design Strategies For Best eCommerce Websites 

After researching, I distilled the design strategies behind the best eCommerce website. Print out the following tips to make your online store more intriguing and gaze.

#1 Less text, more images

Why does it matter?

To begin, the best eCommerce sites use less text and more images to succeed. Consumers are more likely to be drawn in by images than by text.

A web page with a lot of confusing text is no longer cherished. Instead, an eCommerce website with catchy images entices modern shoppers to engage more.

Consequently, designing neat and straightforward product descriptions and messages is an essential strategy.

Things to know

First and foremost, make sure your content is meaningful even if you use less text. Kindly deliver to your customers enough of your story and message in a concise manner.

Next, you also need to take an eye on product images. High-quality and sharp images are regularly quite large. It results in a super slow eCommerce site loading speed. And, predictably, your customers will be irritated.

Finally, avoid using only still images. Start making your store more dynamic by including animations, GIFs, and videos. It will breathe new life into your exhausted eCommerce website.

#2 Unique brand colour palette

Why does it matter?

Your brand colours may be the first thing customers notice. Over 90% of users agree that appearance is the most compelling marketing element in general.

In other words, the colour palette shapes the first impression of your eCommerce site. An eye-catching colour palette will help customers engrave your brand in their minds.

Accordingly, your brand identity palette is how you create a visually immersive experience. It helps you in voicing your unique personality.

A fantastic brand colour then empowers conversions and even strengthens your brand loyalty.

design with brand color palette

Things to know

A distinct brand colour can elicit emotions and convey a company’s message. So, pick a differentiated colour palette that reflects your brand’s essence.

However, the brand colour will differ depending on how you express the feeling to the customer.

For example, websites that sell fast foods frequently use vibrant colours such as red and yellow. The latter is because red is a stimulant and boosts appetite, whereas yellow is associated with happiness.

If you want to fulfil minimalism and purity, use white as the leading colour tone. On the other hand, black will bring to mind elegance and luxury.

Thereby, it is critical to choose the suitable colour palette that can unleash your brand identity.

#3 Lively video banner

Why does it matter

Banner design is a crucial tool for promoting your eCommerce business. Not only that, but it also helps drive traffic to your store’s specific product.

However, the traditional image banner is woefully out of date. We live in a fast-paced world where users increasingly prefer more and more vivid things.

As a result, if you want to stand out from the crowd, create an animated video banner. A video banner gives the consumer a more authentic and exciting experience.

Surprisingly, animated and video content can boost your conversion rate by up to 60%.

Things to remember

When creating the video banner, make sure the CTA button stands out so that customers can quickly identify it.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the font and colour of the text. Don’t let them drown in your videos.

Finally, before uploading the video to your website, optimize its size and decompress it. Otherwise, your website may take a long time to load.

#4 Sticky navigation

Why does it matter

The next thing that will enhance the customer experience on your website is the sticky navigation design.

First, fixed navigation is essentially a locked menu to a specific position on all web pages. As a result, even if the user scrolls down the page, the navigation bar will always be visible.

As a result, sticky navigation makes it much easier for buyers to navigate your entire site quickly.

Furthermore, it does not leave them feeling befuddled when interacting with a website. Customers always know where they are on the website, thanks to sticky navigation.

A stress-free environment encourages users to spend more time in the store. It means lessening bounce rates.

Things to know

The first thing to keep in mind is to optimize sticky navigation. Sticky navigation designs that take up a lot of site space are to blame. Hence, t may interfere with the user’s ability to browse the product.

Secondly, add some eye-catching effects when hovering to sticky navigation categories. It will undoubtedly make users feel enthralled and wowed.

Not only that, but the delightful drop-down menu effect makes the navigation bar much more appealing. Brit + Co is an excellent example of a minimalist fixed navigation that catches your eye with its gentle effects.

Brit + co

#5 Fully responsive design

Why does it matter

Modern users tend to use many different devices when shopping online. Therefore, designing a responsive eCommerce website is a top priority.

Responsive design is a design style that ensures a website looks good on all devices. It includes computers, tablets, and smartphones.

It means that the website’s look and feel are aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly regardless of the device being used.

Thus, a responsive web design offers users an optimal and friction-free shopping experience. Since then, customer satisfaction has also been on the fly.

Consequently, put in the responsive design work immediately and future-proof your website.

Things to know

There are numerous guidelines for creating a responsive design for your online store. One key point to remember is to use a fluid grid.

It ensures that your website’s layout system is tailored to the user’s screen resolution.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to flexible images to make them fit on different screens. In addition, the order of visible buttons must also evoke mobile-friendliness for your website.

#6 Eye-catching hovering effects

Why does it matter

The hover effect is the next step in the design strategy of the best eCommerce websites. Because the hovering impact is easy to perform, it is the most widely used ingredient in web design.

Besides, the hover effect gives a sense of life and enthusiasm to the website. As a result, users will be enticed to visit your online store.

Since then, it has bolstered you in widening customer interaction.

Things to remember

This article has collected some helpful hover effects that you can utilize to liven up your stores.

  • Shape Hover Effect
  • Click Hover Effect
  • Direction Aware Hover Effect
  • Animated Text Menu Hover Effect
  • Image Caption Hover Effect

Hover effects are generally used on website product images. It can showcase additional information such as availability, colour options, and pricing when customers hover over the product.

You can also use it for product images. Hovering over an image frequently results in zooming or animation.

However, if you overuse hovering effects, the user will become puzzled. Use just enough hover effects to keep your eCommerce site vibrant while also remaining elegant.

#7 Convenient one-page checkout

Why does it matter

End users are usually requested to fill in several steps to complete the checkout process. It causes a slew of other discomforts for buyers.

Since then, the shopping cart abandonment rate has steadily increased.

As a side effect, one-page checkout is becoming highly widespread. One-page checkout makes all payment steps are now shown and processed on a single page.

It speeds up, simplifies, and improves the checkout process. The customer experience has boosted, and the rate of abandonment has decreased.

Things to remember

The only thing to keep in mind when designing a one-page checkout is simplicity. It can be stressful for customers to fill out all of the required information on a single page.

So keep your checkout site minimal and clean. The CTA should be easily visible, prominent, and simple to use.

Another thing worth noting is to keep your order summary and pricing details up to date throughout the checkout process. It allows customers to maintain control over their orders.

#8 Positive testimonials

Why does it matter

Building brand creditability is the only way to survive in the eCommerce industry for a long time. And customer testimonials will make the dreams come true.

Positive testimonials will help you productively strengthen your brand’s reputation.

Customer testimonials are reviews from satisfied customers. They prove the worth of a product or service. At the same time, new visitors typically would like to read customer testimonials.

As a result, positive testimonials will have a more significant impact on buyers. They have a higher level of trust in your store and make purchasing decisions easier.

Things to remember

There are many ways to build positive testimonials. You can refer to some valuable suggestions below:

  • Social Media Testimonials
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Influencer Testimonials
  • Blog Post Reviews
  • Video Testimonials

#9 Handy search bar on the header

Why does it matter

The following website design strategy that this article covers is to create a handy search bar on the header.

During the website design process, the search bar is an easily forgotten part of a website. However, most users rely on it to find specific information.

Hence, creating a handy search bar for customers is essential to guarantee customer experience. In addition, make sure the search bar is at the top of the page to make it easy for buyers to find it.

Things to remember

You can improve the utility of your search bar by making it more intelligent. When customers enter text, for example, it is possible to display related keywords.

Moreover, you can also add a search tab for later use. When customers do not need to search for a specific product, this is a viable alternative. You can still give buyers easy access to search capabilities no matter where they are on the site from there.

#10 Multiple related product sliders

Why does it matter

A multiple related products search bar is a must-have tool if you want to bring a frictionless shopping experience to users.

The product slider can display related products, bundled products, up-selling and cross-selling products based on product or Tags.

It allows you to place important content to attract customers’ attention. Thereby, customers will stay on the site longer because of the multiple related product sliders.

As a result, you enjoy the benefit of selling more products and ramping up your sales revenue.

Things to remember

When creating multiple product sliders, keep the transition animation and duration in mind. Make sure to help customers see and read product information promptly.

Carousel and Showcase are two types of multiple related product sliders commonly used on best eCommerce websites.

You can display products side by side using the Carousel style. Visitors can view multiple slides at once, allowing them to browse more swiftly.

On the other hand, the Showcase design is similar to the carousel, but it initiates the customer’s attention to the product in the centre.

Best eCommerce Websites Builder To Liven Your Store Up 

Undoubtedly, there is much work to do right after building a design plan for your online stores.

One of those imperatives is to decide on the best eCommerce website builder. It can help you execute your design strategy more effectively than ever before.

This article will outline the most worthwhile eCommerce platforms for 2021 that you can take an eye on.

  • Magento 
  • Shopify 
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • Big Commerce

To learn more about building an eCommerce website, you can read How To Build An Online Store: Guide From The Start.

Wrap Up

In short, to make your online store the best eCommerce site, staying up to date with the latest design trends is essential. It keeps modern users always intrigued in your e-store.

Hopefully, you can start drawing up your website design using the inspirational strategies above.

Would you mind leaving a comment if you have any additional excellent website design tips?

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