Best Free Magento 2 Extensions: 40+ Must-Have Extensions For Free Download In 2022

best free magento 2 extensions

It’s true to say that Magento 2 has become one of the most robust e-commerce platforms. Thus, there are many Magento stores, Magento developers, and Magento module providers worldwide. Because of Magento 2 popularity, hundreds of free Magento 2 extensions were built to support the enormous community. However, this blog post only introduces the best free Magento 2 extensions that merchants can download and install on their stores.

Those modules will be classified and assigned to different groups, including Site performance optimization, Content & customizations, Marketing, Sales, Payment & security, Shipping & fulfillment, Reporting & analysis, Customer support, and Accounting & finance. Let’s discover now!

Free Magento 2 Extensions For Site Performance Optimization

1. Tigren Ajax Suite

ajax suite m2

The free Ajax Suite extension for Magento 2 is necessary for any Magento store that wants to improve UX by addressing one of the most annoying issues of regular websites – lots of page reloads.

2. Tigren Ajax Cart

magento 2 ajax add to cart

This free Magento 2 Ajax Cart extension will provide a delight add-to-cart process, in which the items can be added to the cart instantly without reloading the current page.

3. Angolia Instant Search

algolia instant search free download

The Algolia Instant Search plugin will replace the default Magento search with a more practical search function (autocomplete and instant results). 

4. WeltPixel Enhanced Lazy Loading

magento 2 web speed extension

The Magento 2 Lazy Load Products & Images is useful to optimize the page loading time by loading product images on the page gradually when the user scrolls down instead of loading everything at once as usual.

5. Tigren Splash Page

m2 splash page

The Splash Page for Magento 2 allows the owners to create splash pages for multiple purposes (e.g., notify visitors of website maintenance, verify users’ ages, or capture them of new promotion campaigns) quickly.

6. Celebros Search & Merchandising

magento 2 site search free

This is another free search extension for Magento 2. It will alter the core search function with the semantic search for better and faster results.

7. WeltPixel Quick View

free magento 2 quick view extension

The free Quick View extension by Welt Pixel allows users to quickly view multiple products on the category page (in a lightbox) without going to each product detail page.

8. Tigren Redis Cache

redis manager

The Magento 2 Redis Manager will help the admin configure Redis more easily and quickly on the back-end.

Free Extensions For Content & Customizations

9. WeltPixel Responsive Banner Slider And Owl Carousel

free magento 2 banner slider

The Responsive Banner Slider & OWL Carousel for Magento 2 enables adding product carousels and sliders to Magento stores to increase page engagement and reduce bounce rates.

10. Magestore Banner Slider

magento 2 banner free extension

This is another free banner slider for Magento 2, allowing the admin to select among over 30 positions and effects to display the slides. Also, it providers report for slide usage on the site.

11. eMagicOne Store Manager Connector

magento 2 store manager connector

12. HelloBrave EU Compliance Notification Bar

magento 2 cookie compliance

The EU Compliance Notification bar allows you to insert an EU compliant implied consent cookie notification bar in Magento 2 websites.

Free Magento 2 Plugins For Marketing

13. MageVision Mass Email Customers

magento 2 send mass email extension

By installing the free M2 Mass Email Customers extension, you will be able to send mass emails to all/ certain groups of your customers or guests only to keep them updated on your store’s news.

14. WeltPixel Rich Snippets

magento 2 rich snippet free download

This Rich Snippets plugin will help you easily deploy Rich Snippets to gain higher positions for your site in the search results as well as the associated click-through rates.

15. MagePrince Product Attachment

free magento 2 product attachment extension

The Magento 2 Product Attachments module makes it easier to upload user guides, certificates, licenses, tutorials, price lists, etc., on specific product pages.

16. Magetop Shop by Brand

To show the list of brands on your Magento 2 store, you might consider using this Shop by Brand extension. You can add an unlimited number of brands and assign products to each brand.

17. Space48 HTML Sitemap

magento 2 html sitemap

This free Magento 2 module will automatically generate an HTML sitemap containing a list of all site CMS pages and categories for your Magento 2 website. The URL path for the sitemap would be /sitemap.

18. MagePlaza Social Share

magento 2 social share free

This Magento 2 Social Share extension is free to download, which will help integrate multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to your site.

Free Magento 2 Extensions For Payment & Security

19. Tigren Multi Cash On Delivery COD

multi cod extension for m2

If you want to add more than one COD option to your Magento 2 website, this free extension is exactly what you need. By applying it, your site can have up to six different COD options (with predefined conditions).

20. Hexasoft FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

magento 2 fraud prevention extension

This extension is helpful to protect your Magento store by detecting frauds and minimizing the chargebacks and losses. It runs behind the scene will not interrupt the payment process.

21. PayPal Braintree Payments

magento 2 braintree payment

This extension is needed for extending the core Braintree functionality of Magento 2. If your site is using Braintree, you should not ignore this plugin.

22. Ontap Mastercard

magento 2 mastercard integration

If your site accepts the Mastercard payment method, using this extension is a good choice. It allows customers to enter their payment information in the Mastercard secure PCI-certified environment.

23. Mercado Pargo

mercado pago magento 2

Free Magento 2 Extensions For Sales

24. ConnectPOS

m2 connect pos extension

This Magento 2 Point of Sale (POS) extension allows real-time synchronization between your inventory and the POS system. It is optimized for ease of use and rapid performance. 

25. MageWorx Geo Lock

m2 geo lock free

This free Geo Lock extension allows you to identify visitors’ locations thanks to the MaxMind Geo-Location Technology. If you want to know where your buyers come from, using this plugin is the easiest way.

26. M2E Pro Amazon & eBay Integration

m2e amazon ebay magento 2

The M2E Pro will be needed to list and manage your Magento products catalog on Amazon, eBay & Walmart directly from your Magento backend.

27. ClickSend SMS

m2 click send sms

The ClickSend SMS extension helps send SMS notifications to the store admin when there is a new order and the shoppers when their orders are shipped.

28. Fooman Print Order PDF

m2 print order pdf extension

To create and print Order Confirmation PDF documents, you can consider using the Magento 2 Print Order PDF plugin. If multiple orders are selected, a bulk Order Confirmation document will be generated.

29. MageSide Subscribe At Checkout

magento 2 subscribe at checkout

Encouraging customers to subscribe at the checkout page is a new but effective way to build your subscription list. If you want to try it, let’s install the free Subscribe At Checkout extension to add a “Subscription” checkbox to your current checkout page so that guests can sign up for your newsletters.

30. Mailchimp Magento 2 Connector

magento 2 mailchimp

This free extension is utilized for quickly syncing your Magento store data with your Mailchimp account. It also sends your products, orders, carts, customers’ data to Mailchimp Cloud.

31. SAS Verified Reviews

m2 verified reviews

This Verified-Reviews module gives you the ability to gather customer reviews about your products. After purchases, your customers will receive an email asking for their reviews for the items they bought.

Free Magento 2 Extensions For Shipping & Fulfillment

32. Mageplaza Multi Flat Rates

magento 2 shipping flat rates

The Magento 2 Multi Flat Rate extension allows the admin to add up to 5 shipping rates. Each flat rate can be enabled/ disabled easily on the backend.

33. IWD Dominate Checkout Suite

magento 2 free one page checkout

This is a free one-step checkout extension for your Magento 2, providing you with a simple and fast checkout. All the steps needed to complete the order will be displayed on one page for the customers.

34. Owebia Advanced Shipping

magento 2 advanced shipping module

With the free Magento 2 Advanced Shipping extension, the store owners can set various shipping fees with different variables (e.g., destination, weight, price, quantity, categories, product attributes, item options, etc.)

Free Magento 2 Extensions For Reporting & Analysis

35. WeltPixel Google Analytics

m2 google analytics

With this extension, you can add, edit or remove tags and code snippets of Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on your Magento store (without technical knowledge).

36. Chapagain Google Tag Manager

m2 google tag manager connect

This Magento 2 extension allows you to integrate Google Tag Manager on your website to track and collect valuable visitors’ data. Moreover, it offers an e-commerce transaction tracking feature.

Free Magento 2 Modules For Customer Support

37. Zendesk Support

The Zendesk Support plugin for Magento will integrate Zendesk and add the chat widget to your Magento store. Then, in the Zendesk dashboard, you will see customers’ and orders’ information to support the customers effectively.  

38. Live Chat

tawk live chat m2

The and Magento 2 connector extension is provided by itself. You can install it to add the chat widget to your storefront and communicate with your customers in Tawk’s dashboard.

39. LiveChat

The LiveChat extension for Magento 2 allows you to display the live chat window anywhere on your site, even the checkout page.

40. MagePrince FAQ

free m2 faq extension

The Magento 2 FAQ extension helps you to create a FAQ page with ease. On this page, you can add images, static blocks, or widgets. You can also filter, edit inline, and manage columns in the FAQ grid on the backend.

Costless Magento 2 Plugins For Accounting

41. TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

m2 tax jar

The final name in our best free Magento 2 extensions list is the TaxJar. It is helpful to connect TaxJar with your Magento store. Thanks to that, your sales tax will be calculated automatically.

Wrapping Up

We found and tried a lot of extensions available on the market in order to suggest to you the best free Magento 2 extensions on the post.

Hope that you can find some useful plugins from the list to enhance your store’s performance, sales, marketing, content, etc., without touching your budget.

If you know more valuable Magento 2 extensions that are free for download, please comment below so we can add them to the list.


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