How To Build Magento 2 App When Having No Money?

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In the recent post, we have shown you how to estimate the cost of building a Magento 2 App for your e-commerce store.


On the one hand, it’s undoubted that it’s very costly to possess an app, ranging from $3,000 to thousands of dollar.

On the other hand, developing a mobile app for Magento website is a must to stand out in the competitive e-commerce industry.

More and more people have a tendency to go shopping online on mobile devices rather than on desktops.

cost of building magento mobile app


What is the solutions for online businesses who have… a limited budget… while still desiring to have a Magento 2 App?

Please keep reading to get the answer for that headache problem.

Actually, in the market now there are several Magento app builders that allow you to create your app for free, for example Magento M*bile Sh*p or Mage*on*c.

But you know what?

There might be a catch: More than a half of functions are limited in the free version of these apps, which means that no social login, no wishlist, no push notifications, …

Therefore, these free Magento 2 apps just look like a demo rather than an app that can be used in reality.

magento mobile app builder

And now is the real solution that we want to tell you…

In the last November, Tigren released a FREE ready-made Magento 2 App. This is a Magento hybrid app, running across different operating systems (either Android or iOS).

It can be say that in spite of being free, this mobile app provides you with all necessary functionalities and a user-friendly flat app design.

Here are some outstanding features of the app:

  • Run smoothly on different platforms
  • Clean and product-centered design
  • Instant login with social accounts
  • Easy and fast checkout
  • Convenient accordion hamburger menu
  • Powerful search, filter and sorting
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Horizontal customer account menu
  • Useful push notifications
  • Seamless synchronizations
  • Valuable deep linking

And here is the Magento 2 App Demo:

Compared to other free Magento 2 App Builders, it is obvious that this ready-made Magento 2 App is definitely more potential to use.

The best part?

We guarantee that there is no hidden charge for creating the app.

However, in case that you want to customize some parts of the app to better suit your business, we will ask for a reasonable fee.

In order to acquire a Magento 2 App like the demo, you just need to send your request to Tigren (your website URL included) and wait for 1-2 days to get the app.

Find more information here.

To sum up, building a mobile app for Magento might be very pricey, or might be not, totally depending on your choice. By using our Free Magento 2 Mobile App, you can “touch” your desired app within few days – without spending a penny.

Have a wise choice!

magento 2 mobile app

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