Top 20 Best Business Ideas for Kids in 2023

Small Business Ideas For Kids

As Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time, once said, ‘The best investment you can make is in yourself.’

Letting kids start their own businesses can be one of the best investments for their future. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best business ideas for kids for your reference. These are opportunities for children to explore their creativity, enthusiasm, and develop business sense.

If you’ve got a young, aspiring entrepreneur in your life or are a young entrepreneur yourself, you’re in the right place.

1. Online Content Creator

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Nowadays, creating content for the internet is not only fun but also comes with numerous opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Being an online content creator is an exciting and ideal job for kids who are tech-savvy, creative, and passionate about sharing their interests and ideas.

Online content creation is a good way for self-expression. Kids can let their creativity run wild, from crafting stories to producing videos or sharing their hobbies. It offers kids the chance to become proficient with digital tools, software, and platforms, which are valuable skills in the modern world.

Creating content involves writing, speaking, or presenting ideas effectively, helping kids develop strong communication skills. Managing content creation, posting schedules, and audience engagement teach kids responsibility and time management.

2. DIY Toys & Food Selling

This is a good business idea for kids and it is fairly easy to operate. This job will train their patience, hence the crafts you sell will also become more impressive.

This venture is also an excellent way to teach your child a range of practical skills. Crafting unique toys helps children get to design and make products that reflect their personality and imagination.

DIY Toys and Food Selling can also be a fantastic opportunity for quality family time. Parents and children can work together on projects, bonding over the creative process and sharing in the joy of success.

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3. Junior Swimming Lifeguard

A job as a junior lifeguard is an exceptional opportunity for kids and teenagers who want to combine responsibility, outdoor activity, and community service. Assisting at a local swimming pool or beach area as a junior lifeguard not only offers a unique experience but also imparts valuable life skills.

One of the primary responsibilities of a junior lifeguard is to ensure the safety of swimmers. This job teaches kids to be proactive when it comes to water safety, which is a crucial life skill. They learn how to identify potential hazards, prevent accidents, and respond in emergency situations.

Being a junior lifeguard involves staying active and fit. Kids will be required to swim regularly, perform water rescues, and participate in physical training exercises. This can promote a healthy and active lifestyle from a young age.

4. Resell Used Items

kids resell used items

Reselling used items is an excellent job opportunity for kids and teenagers for a variety of reasons. It not only teaches important life skills but also encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, financial responsibility, and a sense of environmental consciousness.

Reselling used items provides kids with a hands-on opportunity to learn about money, budgeting, and economics. They can grasp the concept of buying low and selling high, managing profits, and budgeting for future expenses.

The process of identifying marketable items, setting prices, and negotiating with buyers helps develop entrepreneurial skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, and creativity. Kids can experiment with various sales strategies and see the direct impact of their efforts.

5. Street Artist

street artist

If your child has unique musical, drawing, and such talents, help them develop! Skills like playing an instrument, demonstrating card tricks, or cosplay performance could become the ideal way to earn money. This is one of the best business ideas for kids who love creativity and performance.

You can help them find customers through schools in the neighborhood. You can also look for parties, crowded streets, or events and work as an entertainer or performer there. Later, you may even set up social accounts to let more people know about these performances.

This job can bring many benefits for your child besides profit, such as confidence, creativity, presentation ability, etc.

6. Podcast Creator


Podcasts are a perfect idea if you want to help your kids express themselves. This job doesn’t require significant initial capital. Therefore, your children may start right away and practice telling stories.

This will enhance the children’s confidence and sharpen their communication skills so that they ensure the content is delivered well to listeners.

You can further diversify your income by setting up a website and applying the affiliate marketing business model to your podcast channel. Take a few minutes to recommend the product, and you will receive a commission based on the sales.

7. Car Washing

Car washing is often listed for small business ideas for kids since it’s an easy-to-do job, and the market is always in great demand for this service. If you provide a competitive price and good service, most car owners won’t mind spending some money to get their car sparkling.

car washing

You can open a car wash in your backyard and attract acquaintances in your area to use the service. In the first stage, your customers might be neighbors, friends, and family members. Later, when more people are interested, build a website and open more services to facilitate customer care.

8. Collecting Recyclable Things

This is an ideal job for kids that not only benefits the environment but also makes money. By engaging in the collection of recyclables, children can learn the value of hard work and earn money based on their efforts.

Besides, children can learn about the importance of reducing waste, reusing and recycling to conserve natural resources and protect the planet. This hands-on experience can be a sense of environmental awareness from such a young age.

Remember to teach your children which waste can be sold. Tell them to avoid self-harm by gathering trash with bags and gloves. 

9. Dog Walking

If your children love animals, dog walking is an excellent job idea for them. It combines their passion with an opportunity to learn valuable life skills and earn money.

Dog walking allows them to spend quality time with their favorite animals. It’s more than a job, it is a delightful experience for dog enthusiasts. It provides a unique opportunity for your children to build strong bonds with dogs.

Dog walking is also an active job that gets kids outdoors and moving. It promotes physical exercise and helps children stay active and healthy while having fun. Children will also experience the loyalty, companionship, and affection that dogs give.

10. Tutor

Tutoring is a rewarding and educational job opportunity for kids. It allows them to help younger kids study while gaining several valuable skills and experiences.

As tutors, kids have the chance to share their knowledge and expertise in subjects they are passionate about. This reinforces their own understanding of the material and builds their confidence.

Tutoring involves clear and effective communication, as kids need to explain concepts and answer questions. This helps them develop strong verbal and written communication skills.

11. Community Caretaker 

Community caretaker is a meaningful and valuable job opportunity for kids. It involves actively participating in the betterment of their neighborhood and local community.

Serving as a community caretaker helps raise a profound sense of responsibility in children. They would become more closely connected to the neighborhood and residents. 

It empowers them to be responsible, empathetic, and socially conscious individuals while fostering their sense of belonging and ownership in their local area. Then, they would build strong bonds with their neighbors and develop a sense of belonging.

12. Musical Performer

Whether it’s playing an instrument, singing, or dancing, engaging in musical performances offers a range of benefits for children. Musical performer is a creative job opportunity for kids who have a passion for music and enjoy performing.

Kids who become musical performers develop a variety of skills, including musical skills (e.g., playing an instrument, singing, or dancing), stage presence, and the ability to read and understand musical notation.

Performing in front of an audience, whether small or large, fosters self-confidence. Kids learn how to manage stage fright and become comfortable showcasing their talents.

13. Baby Sitting 

Babysitting is a classic job opportunity for responsible young children, providing them with valuable life skills, a sense of responsibility, and an opportunity to earn money. 

Babysitters often deal with various challenges. However, these experiences teach them patience and empathy as they understand and respond to the needs of the children they care for.

Babysitters often form strong bonds with the children they care for, creating positive memories and lasting relationships. These connections can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

14. Gardening 

Gardening is an ideal job for kids that offers them a chance to connect with nature, learn essential life skills, and take on responsibilities that foster personal growth. 

It is a big chance for kids that nurtures their curiosity, responsibility, and connection to nature. It offers a learning experience, combining science, creativity, and physical activity while promoting environmental and healthy living.

Children taking care of a garden or yard have real responsibilities. They learn the importance of regular maintenance, including watering, weeding, and pest control.

15. Library Assistant

Library assistant is an ideal job for kids who have a love for books, reading, and the world of literature. It not only allows them to be surrounded by the magic of stories but also offers numerous educational and personal development benefits. 

Kids learn valuable organizational skills as they help shelve books, keep records, and maintain order in the library. Responsibility comes naturally as they care for these precious resources.

It provides them with practical skills, instills a sense of responsibility, and fosters a love for reading and learning. As library assistants, children not only gain valuable experiences but also contribute to their community by promoting literacy and the joy of reading.

16. Market Stall

Selling homegrown produce or homemade products at a local farmers’ market can be a rewarding experience for kids that introduces them to entrepreneurship, agriculture, and the world of local commerce.

Managing a stall requires responsibility and independence. Kids are in charge of their inventory, display, and customer interactions. Setting up and running a stall helps kids develop essential skills such as marketing, customer service, and financial management.

If kids are selling homegrown produce, they gain a deep appreciation for the process of growing and harvesting food. They understand the value of local, fresh, and sustainable products.

17. Lemonade Stand

The lemonade stand is a classic, timeless, and ideal job for kids that teaches them entrepreneurial skills, financial literacy, and the joy of hard work. Operating a lemonade stand introduces kids to the fundamentals of business, including product creation, pricing, and sales.

Kids learn about money management as they handle sales, make changes, and calculate profits. It’s a hands-on lesson in economics. Running a lemonade stand instills a sense of responsibility. Kids are in charge of everything, from setting up the stand to maintaining quality control.

They also need to find effective ways to make their lemonade stand stands out, that’s a marketing lesson right there.

18. Junior Lifeguard

Becoming a Junior Lifeguard is not only an ideal job for kids but also a fulfilling and rewarding experience that empowers them with essential life skills and knowledge.

Junior Lifeguards receive comprehensive water safety education, which is crucial for personal safety and a skill that can be shared with others. Training as a Junior Lifeguard equips kids with vital lifesaving skills, including first aid, CPR, and water rescue techniques. These skills can be applied in emergencies, potentially saving lives.

Junior Lifeguards have a significant responsibility for the well-being of swimmers and beachgoers. They develop a strong sense of responsibility early in life.

19. Event Photography

Event photography is a fantastic job opportunity for kids who have an interest in photography and a creative eye. It not only allows them to express their artistic talents but also offers numerous educational and personal development benefits.

Photographers develop a keen eye for detail, ensuring that they capture the important moments and nuances of an event. Event photography teaches kids about the technical aspects of photography, such as working with camera settings, lenses, and post-processing.

Event photography allows kids to build a portfolio of their work, which can be valuable for future educational and career opportunities. Event photography can last a lifelong passion for photography. Kids may continue to pursue it as a hobby or even a career.

20. Seasonal Decorator

Being a seasonal decorator is an ideal job for kids who have a flair for creativity and enjoy making spaces festive and welcoming. It offers a unique opportunity to engage in creative expression while learning valuable skills.

Decorating requires a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every element is in place to create a harmonious and appealing atmosphere. Seasonal decorators have the chance to express their creativity through decorations, bringing unique visions to life.

It’s an opportunity for personal growth and artistic expression, as young decorators use their talents to bring a touch of magic to various spaces and occasions. Seasonal decorators play a unique role in creating memorable and welcoming environments, which is a rewarding and fulfilling job.

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