How To Clear Cache In Magento 2? (3 minutes)

how to clear cache in magento 2 tutorial

As you might know, in order to enhance the site performance and make it work correctly, we have to utilize Magento’s cache management system – clear cache regularly.

When do we need to clear the cache? – We will have to clear cache when there is a notice appearing at the top of the admin panel and asking us to do that.

Clicking on the “Cache Management” link then it will move to the Cache Management page to refresh all of the invalid caches.

cache management magento 2

Besides, you can access the Cache Management Page in another way as the following guide.


  • Step 1: Go to the admin panel, navigate to SYSTEM and choose Cache Management (under Tools)

(Admin Panel => SYSTEM => Cache Management)

  • Step 2: Clear cache as you want

The 1st case: Refreshing a certain cache

If you just want to refresh/ clear a specific cache, you must tick on a checkbox (at the beginning of the row) that is correlative with that cache. Then, you choose “Refresh” on the drop-down and click on the “Submit” button to complete.

Similarly, if you want to clear several caches, just mark multiple checkboxes, then submit selected ones to refresh.

clear cache in magento 2 backend

The 2nd case: Flushing All Magento Caches

In case that you want to refresh the whole cache list – delete all items in the default Magento cache (var/cache) according to their associated Magento tags, you just need to click on the “Flush Magento Cache” button.

The 3rd case: Flushing Catalog Images/ Javascripts/ CSS/ Static Files Caches

Flush Catalog Images Cache: in order to discard all automatically watermarked and resized catalog images stored at media/catalog/product/cache.

Flush Javascript/ CSS Cache: with the aim of clearing away all merged copies of Javascripts/ CSS files from the cache.

Flush Static Files Cache: so as to eliminate pre-processed view files and static files as well.

To clear these types of cache, you must click on the buttons under the “Additional Cache Management” section.

guide for flushing cache magento 2

Remember that after clearing a cache, you must refresh your browser to make sure that you can see the most recent changes.

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