How To Create A Credit Memo In Magento 2? (10 minutes)

how to create a credit memo in magento 2

What Are Credit Memos In Magento 2?

In many cases, the customers ask for a refund because they are not satisfied with your products. Therefore, Magento 2 offers us the Credit Memo function in order to help the Magento store owners give the refund easily to their purchasers. In this Magento tutorial, we will show you how to create, print, and check records of credit memos in Magento 2. Let’s get started!

How To Create A Credit Memo In Magento 2?

  • Step 1: Go to the admin panel, navigate to SALES and choose Orders (under Operations)

(Admin Panel => SALES => Orders)

create a credit memo in magento 2
  • Step 2: Choose the order to create a credit memo for it

Let’s click on the Complete order that you want to create the memo for it. You can click directly on the row or click on the View button.

creating credit memos magento 2
  • Step 3: Click on the Credit Memo button

magento 2 credit memos
  • Step 4: Select product(s) that will be returned to stock and set the quantity to refund

Check on the box Return to Stock if the product(s) will be returned to the inventory; otherwise, leave it blank.

It’s worth noting that to see the Return to Stock checkbox, you must set inventory Stock Options to Decrease Stock When Order Is Placed.

Then, you must set the quantity to refund by filling in a specific number and clicking on the Enter key. However, if the item(s) will not be refunded, enter 0 for the Qty to Refund. After that, click on the underneath Update Qty’s button to automatically adjust the total.

generate credit memo magento 2
  • Step 5: Edit Refund Totals

Moving to the Refund Totals. First, you must enter the Refund Shipping amount that equals the initial shipping amount subtract the shipping fee refunded already.

Second, you must enter the Adjustment Refund – an additional refund amount beyond the product price, shipping, and tax cost.

Third, you must enter the Adjustment Fee – the value that will be subtracted from the total refund.

Besides, you can write comments for this memo.

Moreover, if you want to send a notification to a customer’s email, check on the Email Copy of Credit Memo field. To include the Credit Memo Comments in that notification email, you must check on the Append Comments field.

create credit memo magento 2

Finally, click on the Refund Offline to generate the memo.

How To Print A Credit Memo In Magento 2?

In order to print the credit memo that you have created, go back to the Orders list page, check on the product whose memo was created, expand the Actions field and choose Print Credit Memos.

print credit memo magento 2

How To Check Credit Memo Records In Magento 2?

If you want to check the records of all memos, navigate to SALES and choose Credit Memos under Operations. (admin panel => SALES => Credit Memos)

check credit memos record magento 2

We have shown you the basic conception of the credit memos in Magento 2 and more importantly, how to create them in the back-end. If you have any problems when following this tutorial, be free to ask us by leaving a comment below. See you in the next tutorials!

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