How To Create A New Attribute In Magento 2? (5 minutes)

how to create new product attribute in magento 2

There are 5 simple steps to create a new product attribute in Magento 2. Let’s get started!

  • Step 1: Go to the admin panel, tap STORES, choose Product in the Attribute section and click on the Add New Attribute button (Admin panel => STORES => Product => Add New Attribute)
create new attribute in magento 2
  • Step 2: Complete the Properties Information
  1. Attribute Properties: 

First, you must add the Default Label (attribute name), then select its input type which depends on the attribute you want to create. For example, here I will create the Flavor attribute so I will choose its catalog input type as Dropdown.

Second, if you want to ask the buyers to select a product option before purchasing it, you must set “Yes” in the Values Required field and vice versa.

Thirdly, in terms of Manage Options, click on the Add Option button and create different values for your new attribute. Also, check on the box presenting the option that you want to make it default.

create product attribute in magento 2

2. Advanced Attribute Properties

Adding your attribute code, make sure to write it in lowercase characters and without any spaces.

Setting Scope in which the attribute can be used (Store View/ Website/ Global)

Choosing Yes in Unique Value to avoid duplicate values.

create attributes in magento 2
  • Step 3: Enter the Labels/ Titles for the attribute

In case your Magento store is presented in multiple languages, please enter the translated title(s) for each view of the store.

create new product attribute magento 2
  • Step 4: Manage Storefront Properties

Select Yes if you want your new attribute to appear in Search/ Advanced Search/ Product Comparison/ Layered Navigation/ Price Rules/…

Setting the position of this attribute in the layered navigation menu.

  • Step 5: Finally, save the attribute you have created and check to see whether it is displayed appropriately on the front-end.

We have shown you 5 simple steps to create a new product attribute in Magento 2. Hope you guys find it useful, see you in the next tutorial!

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