4 Simple Steps to Print Shipping Labels In Magento 2

print shipping labels magento

So you’ve got your Magento 2 store up and running, your products are selling, and orders are ready to ship. But wait, you’ve hit a roadblock: How do you print shipping labels in Magento 2?

No worries, we’re here to help! Printing shipping labels shouldn’t be a headache. In fact, it’s as simple as 1-2-3-4 with our guide.

What Information Is Listed On A Shipping Label?

As you may have already known, the purpose of a shipping label is to ensure all the required information is there so that a package can arrive at its destination.

A common shipping label includes the sender address, receiver address, package’s weight, etc. Of course, depending on the courier, the template for this will differ. This label is helpful when a person needs to track their package in case it doesn’t arrive at the mentioned address in a certain time period.

How To Create Shipping Labels In Magento 2

Now let’s get to the real deal. Here are what you need to do to create shipping labels for your store products when they are sent out.

Step 1: Contact shipping carriers

Prior to configuring your Magento backend, ensure your shipping accounts with the carriers – FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, etc. are set up. Then, contact them so that shipping labels for your store can be activated.

Note: Several shipping carriers can charge fees to add shipping label support to your account, so as them carefully before pressing on.

Step 2: Configure settings for each carrier

  • Complete your Store Information.
  • From the Admin panel, go to Store > Setting> Configuration
  • Go to Sales > Shipping settings
  • Expand Origin section. Configure Shipping Origin Address
how do I print a ups shipping label with tracking number

The configuration for each carrier is different:


The carrier ships both domestically and internationally, but only shipments from the US will have shipping labels generated for them.

  1. In the Sales section, choose Shipping Methods.
  2. Expand UPS section.
  3. Set UPS Type to United Parcel Service XML. Verify that your UPS Shipper Number is correct. Your Shipper Number appears only when United Parcel Service XML is enabled.
  4. Select Save Config.


USPS also ships domestically and internationally.

  1. Open USPS section from Shipping Methods.
  2. Check whether a Secure Gateway URL is correctly entered.
  3. Enter the password provided by USPS.
  4. Set Size to Large and enter the package’s dimensions – length, width, height, and girth.
  5. Save Config when complete.


FedEx support both shipments to a domestic and international address. Labels can only be issued for international shipments.

  1. Open FedEx section.
  2. Check if Meter Number, Key and Password are correct.
  3. When finished, click Save Config.


DHL only offers international shipment service.

  1. Open the DHL section.
  2. Verify that the Gateway URL is correct.
  3. Check if Access ID, Password and Account Number are correct.
  4. Click Save Config.

Step 3: Create shipping labels

Method 1: Label for new shipments

  1. From the Admin panel, choose Sales > Orders.
  2. Find and open the order record. The order’s status will either be ‘pending’ or ‘processing’.
  3. Click on Ship and verify the shipping information according to the carrier requirements.
  4. Tick the Create shipping label checkbox.
  5. Click Submit shipment.
  6. Do the following:
    • – Click Add product to add the products from order to package. The maximum number available in the package is shown in the Quantity column.
    • Mark the checkbox next to the product you want to add then enter the quantity to be shipped.
    • Choose Add Selected Product(s) to package to finish.
  7. When everything is complete, click OK.

Magento connects to the shipping carrier system, submits the order, and receives a shipping label and tracking number for each package.

If the label is successfully created, the shipment is submitted, the tracking number will appear in the form. Now you can print the label.

Method 2: Label for existing shipments

  1. Open the Admin panel, go to Sales > Operation > Orders.
  2. Navigate to the order you need and open the shipping form.
  3. In the Shipping and Tracking Information section, click Create Shipping Label.
  4. Move the ordered product(s) to the package and click OK.
  5. To review the package information, click Show Packages.

Step 4: Print the labels

After you finish the above steps, labels will be generated in PDF format. You can easily print the shipping labels for the Magento store from the Admin.

Print from Shipment Form

You can locate the shipment form from either page:

  • Sales > Orders. Find the order and open its record. Choose Shipment and open the shipment record.
  • Sales > Shipments. Find and open the shipment record.

Go to the Shipping and Tracking section of the form and click Print Shipping Label.

Print for multiple orders

The steps are quite similar to printing the label for one shipment.

  1. From Admin, choose Sales > Orders or Sales > Shipments.
  2. Select the checkboxes next to the orders/ shipments to print shipping labels for them.
  3. Click Submit.

Afterwards, a set of shipping labels for selected orders/ shipments will be printed.

shipping label magento

Final Words

Now you know all the steps to create shipping labels in Magento 2. Remember that each carrier requires different information, thus they need to be set differently. After printing, don’t forget to recheck to avoid any mistake which could lead to a delay or loss of the shipped package.

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