What is E-commerce Workflow and How You Can Improve It?

ecommerce workflow

To run a successful online business in the long run, you need an excellent e-commerce workflow to manage your business efficiently and overcome obstacles along the way. But first, what is an e-commerce workflow? This post will have all the answers you need about e-commerce workflow and how you can get the best out of it. 

What Is E-commerce Workflow?

E-commerce workflow is a series of workflows that show multiple processes of an e-commerce website, from the moment customers acquire a product and place an order, finish a payment, follow the shipping flows to when they ask for customer services after receiving your products.

Examples Of An E-commerce Workflow Diagram

Below are two examples of the e-commerce workflow diagrams:

ecommerce workflow management
ecommerce workflow diagram

Practice To Improve Your E-commerce Workflow

A good e-commerce workflow will help you manage your business better and get in the market faster by allowing you to assign responsibility and take out the burden of oversight.

In other words, a good e-commerce workflow must: 

  • Create an accountable system for the business: A good e-commerce workflow will let you know who is involved in each process and your desired outcomes.
  • Have an optimized and simple vendor onboarding process. 
  • Make it easier for customers to place and finish an order: ensure no blockers when customers try to place and complete an order. 
  • Save time and get products into the market faster.
  • Handle complaints and feedback fast and smoothly.
  • Offer effective customer experience.
  • Be flexible enough: you should test the e-commerce workflow and change it accordingly. 

Improving your workflow means thinking about every aspect of your business, from providing perfect customer service to having good inventory management, fast product fulfillment, and thoughtful marketing strategy.

Here are some ways to improve your business workflow: 

  • Make use of modern technology to automate internal processes and repetitive tasks such as printing shipping labels, tracking information, or fulfilling orders. 
  • Pay attention to customer service to address your customers’ problems and better your brand’s image.
  • Create a single inventory to eliminate the need to update your inventory by hand and make all the changes at once.
  • Have all suppliers in one place.
  • Follow up on every purchase and keep in touch with your customers. Ask them about their experience and whether they can leave a review for your products/business.

What Is E-commerce Workflow Automation?

workflow for ecommerce website

E-commerce workflow automation is what a business can use to streamline its processes. Simply put, the manual process or repetitive tasks in running your business could be better using software, app, or technology. This helps avoid wasting valuable staff resources.

You can automate processes from all departments of your e-commerce business, from inventory management to email marketing, to improve and save your business valuable resources.

Below are some benefits of workflow automation: 

  • It helps improve your efficiency
  • It decreases the mistakes of data and tasks, which can happen quite often if done by hand.
  • It brings your business’s productivity to a new level

What Is A Workflow Management System?

ecommerce order processing workflow

Workflow management means optimizing, improving, and automating business operations to gain better outcomes and decrease errors. This includes managing all user interaction points in the e-commerce customer journey and dealing with daily administrative tasks.

Here are the main tasks involved in a workflow management process:

  • Manage website.
  • Manage product data feed on marketplaces such as Amazon, Esty, eBay, etc.
  • Promote your online business.
  • Provide customer support.
  • Try different pricing methods to determine what works best for your business.
  • Take care of deliveries, orders, stock, and warehouse inventory.

A workflow management system is a kind of software that allows you to set up, execute and oversee your e-commerce operation. You can think of it as the ideal environment to measure, analyze and improve your business’s productivity. Depending on the business, they can opt for CRM or ERP to manage their workflow.

Sum Up

As an e-commerce business, you have to deal with many competitors. If you want to stand out in the market, your e-commerce workflow is something you can’t ignore, and it must be adequately managed. Therefore, you should pay attention to your e-commerce workflow and make an effort to improve it so it would benefit your business the most.

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