What Do Customers Expect To Have In Your Magento E-Commerce Website?


Have you ever wondered whether your Magento store can meet customer expectations and satisfaction or not? After conducting several surveys, we have found 18 different elements that most of the shoppers wish to have on an online store. Let’s see how many points that your store are owning and missing.

1. Convenient Products Filter

In general, most Magento stores possess a huge number of products, ranging from 10,000 to 300,000. As a result, it probably makes the customers feel confused when searching for the types of product that they want.

If your Magento store does not have any tool/ method to help them get through the searching process easier, in many cases, they will leave and never think of coming back. It is suggested to install a good navigation extension for your store such as the

If your Magento store does not have any tool/ method to help them get through the searching process easier, in many cases, they will leave and never think of coming back. It is suggested to install a good navigation extension for your store such as the Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension to simplify the buyer’s search efforts.


2. Easy Checkout Process

It is proven that your Magento store could lose roughly 70% of customers if your current checkout is poorly designed. First, in order to make the checkout more convenient, you should show security logos and clear product images on the cart.

Secondly, you need to make sure that this process is fast, especially on mobile devices. Also, remembering that “less is better”, a complicated checkout process would boost customers’ intention to leave before it’s completed.

3. Attractive Discount And Deals

It’s no doubt the majority of our customers cannot decline discounts and deals. Some people are even “sales hunters” – only buy products when they are on sale. Therefore, a great number of online stores nowadays create a separate Sale page to attract this type of customer. Another way to draw customers’ attention to sale items is by creating hot deals.

Another way to draw customers’ attention with sale items is by creating hot deals with Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension. It will help you to create a new deal just in a few minutes with an outstanding time countdown to urge the purchasers to make their decision.


4. Eye-Catching Product Images

Product image is one of the most important factors that make people easily “fall in love” and make an instant buying decision. You should have at least 3 high-quality photos to display your product from different angles.

At each angle, it is better to provide the viewers with the ability to zoom into such detail that they can feel like they are touching it. Moreover, adding thumbnails might be a good idea to navigate among products easier.

5. Detailed Product Descriptions

Besides photos, product descriptions are also pivotal to stimulate customers’ buying but are often neglected. You should make it informative but concise with an inviting and objective voice to tempt the readers.

Don’t forget that no matter how amazing your products are your customers will never know that unless you offer proper product descriptions.

6. Available Ratings & Reviews

There is a tendency for the buyers to only purchase products followed by high ratings and positive feedback. The reason is that in the customers’ minds, good ratings and reviews might be equivalent to high-quality and popular items.

What the store owners need to do is provide convenient ratings and reviews system to build customer confidence when buying on the sites.

Besides, you might consider adding a product filter by ratings on the navigation menu (by using the Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension to help the visitors quickly access the most prevalent items.

7. Fast Loading Speed

Some studies indicated that more than 40% of the visitors will lose their patience and leave the site if it takes a long time to load. Further delays during the transaction process even double the rate of the site abandonment. Therefore, your site speed should be optimized and checked regularly to ensure that it is fast and stable.

8. Transparent Refund Policy

When it comes to online shopping, the thing that makes the customers most worried about is what they can do if there are any problems with the items (don’t fit, differ from product image on the site, be broken, etc.).

Therefore, all of the shoppers with the store have a clear refund policy to help them overcome these unexpected situations. If you can provide the buyers with free returns, they would definitely be more willing to buy.

9. Convenient Wishlist

It’s very nice to have a good wishlist function in your Magento store. It will give the buyers a great chance to save all of their favorite products for future buying.

Although this is available of Magento Core, you should consider equipping your store with a more functional extension like the Magento 2 Advanced Wishlist. By using this module, the users are not only able to store the products but also divide these into different groups and manage them effectively.


10. 24/7 Live Chat Module

There might be a variety of issues arising during the buying process. For instance, the customers want to ask for more information about a certain product, refund policy or ask for gift-wrapping service, and so on even when you have added available information on the site.

Hence, it is a necessity to have a live chat system in your store to answer all of the shoppers’ queries timely. Compared to other contact means like email or phone, live chat is more preferred and brings higher customer satisfaction.

11. Powerful Search Box

Another thing to make into consideration in the search box function, especially when your Magento store contains a numerous number of items.

In order to enhance customers’ search experience, you can combine many features such as relevancy, autocomplete, synonym detection, stem, faceted, and so on. Also, the search box should be well located – displayed on the page header would be ideal.

12. Intuitive Navigation

All of the customers wish that shopping should be easy, fun and takes very little effort. To meet their needs, one of the first things you need to do is offer a transparent layout and friendly and simple navigation. In other words, let’s make your e-commerce store easy to browse and show the visitors the fastest way to find what they are looking for.

Moreover, the products should be easily filtered by brand, product type, and price range. All of these features are included on the Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension, you can easily install it into your site.

13. Guest Sign Ups

In the past, 99% of the checkout processes ask the buyers to register or log in. However, nowadays people no longer want to spend too much time buying online stuff.

Forcing people to fill in the complicated registration form will raise the likelihood that they will leave your store before the checkout. The solution is simple, just allowing the purchasers to complete the checkout as a guest and register a new account next time if they are ready to.

14. Comparison Feature

It’s rare to instantly buy a product without comparing it to several items in the same line in the store. Therefore, the comparison feature is also a must-have function if you want to gain customer satisfaction.

For reference, we suggest you try some Free extensions like Magento 2 Ajax Compare (a component of Ajax Suite) to allow the shoppers to add products to the comparison list at ease – without reloading the page.


15. Various Payment Methods

Each customer will be more familiar with a/several payment method(s). While some opt for integrated payment gateways such as PayPal, others prefer credit cards or cash on delivery. If the store owners cannot provide multiple payment options, they are losing a certain number of purchasers.

16. Newsletter Subscription

A significant number of buyers would like to subscribe and receive regular updates and news from their favorite e-commerce stores (about new products, promotions, etc.).

Let’s make sure that you offer a newsletter subscription function on your site and it is easy to find. A recommendation is that you should create a newsletter popup appearing once the visitors access the store.

To generate the newsletter popup at ease, you can install the Magento 2 Popup Manager Extension.


17. Responsive And Mobile-Friendly Design

Although responsive design is not a must, it’s necessary for all Magento e-commerce stores. You should check your site to see whether it is compatible with different screen sizes and devices – from the desktop, tablet to mobile. Otherwise, it will lead to poor customer experience and decreases in sales volume as a result.

18. Easy Order Tracking

The final thing that is also in the mind of the customers is whether the store they visit provides an order tracking system. Owing to the tracking feature, they can know their current order status and predict the arrival time, particularly in the case of cash on delivery payment. With the aim of achieving customer satisfaction, you cannot ignore this great feature.

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