Fix Magento 2 Installation Errors After 5 Minutes


In general, installing Magento 2 is usually complicated and difficult for starters. Therefore, we will point out the most 5 common Magento 2 installation errors and how to fix these to make your process easier

PHP Settings Check

The most common error when installing Magento 2 is the always_populate_raw_post_data. It means that there is a misconfiguration in your php.ini file which causes the error. Readiness Check will display this error like:


To solve this problem you need to go to your root folder and find the PHP folder. Another solution to locate your php.ini file:

  • Use command: php -i
  • Including <? php phpinfo(); ?>in your protect file.

Then when you locate the php.ini, open the file and find always_populate_raw_post_data, once located remove the semicolon or just comment before the line of code and change the On or 1 to -1. It would show up like:

;always_populate_raw_post_data = On

After completing to edit this code and remove the semicolon, comment and change the values to -1 it would display like:

always_populate_raw_post_data = -1

And by that, it means the setting is turned on and given a value of -1 and the PHP Settings Check Error is fixed.

PHP Extensions Check

Almost time, PHP extensions are off or commented, which leads to an error in Magento 2 installation. The extension, which is the root cause of the error in Magento 2 installation, is php_intl.dll. It looks like:


The solution for this error is locating your php.ini file. Then search for file php_intl.dll and remove the comment or the semicolon. This code is ;extension=php_intl.dll

extension=php_intl.dll is the result after you remove comment or semicolon.

After removing the comment or semi-colon, the extension php_intl.dll is activated. Then you need to run again Readiness Check to allow it to fix the error.

Installation is stuck at 65% “installing user configuration”

This problem is by apache mod_rewrite was not enabled.

For Apache 2.4 instructions:

Use this section to enable Apache 2.4 rewrites and specify a setting for the distributed configuration file, .htaccess.

Magento uses server rewrites and .htaccess to provide directory-level instructions for Apache.

+ To enable the Apache rewrite module, enter the following command:

a2enmod rewrite

+ Add the following lines to my /etc/apache2/sites-available/

<Directory /var/www/html/m2>

            Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews

            AllowOverride All

            Order allow,deny

            allow from all


+ Then run:

service apache2 restart

CSS And Javascript Cannot Be Loaded From The Correct Folder



After successful installation DO NOT run Magento.

Now we are going to clear / delete caches and sessions of Magento 2. Go to following paths and delete everything:

ROOT > var > cache > *DELETE ALL*

ROOT > var > page_cache > *DELETE ALL*

ROOT > var > session > *DELETE ALL*

When Magento 2 is not in production mode, it will try to create symlinks for some static resources on the local server. We have to change that behavior of Magento 2 by going to edit ROOT > app > etc > di.xml file. Open up di.xml in your favorite code editor, find the virtualType name=”developerMaterialization” section. In that section below, you will find an item <item name=”view_preprocessed” xsi:type=”object”> which needs to be modified. You can modify it by changing the following content:




Now last step, also delete old files generated in ROOT > pub > static > DELETE ALL EXCEPT .HTACCESS

*Note: Don’t remove .htaccess.


we are setting up static content to deploy on our Magento store. To perform this, type “php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy”.

If you get any error, check your PHP.EXE and PHP.INI Environment Variable

Clear / Flush Magento cache by typing “php bin/magento cache:flush” in CMD.

And finally, to Reindex Magento Static Blocks type “php bin/magento indexer:reindex”.


Ownership and permissions can also cause a problem. It is necessary to apply proper permissions to all files and folders of Magento 2.

Go to following paths and delete everything:

ROOT > var > cache > *DELETE ALL*

ROOT > var > page_cache > *DELETE ALL*

ROOT > var > session > *DELETE ALL*

ROOT > var > generation > *DELETE ALL*


*Note: Don’t remove .htaccess.

Then run:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Don’t run Magento. Go to the root folder of Magento, use this command to set:

chown -R ownername *

chmod -R 777 *

Finally, you can reload Magento. Then run to set owner and permission again.

Pub/static URL contains deployed version

Static files URL contains deployed version because of this 404 error comes.


static files exist if we remove version 1474443317 from the URL and check but all URL contains this version 1474443317.

Access to your Mysql and run this query:

INSERT INTO `core_config_data` (`scope`, `scope_id`, `path`, `value`) VALUES (‘default’, 0, ‘dev/static/sign’, ‘0’);

Delete all pub/static except .htaccess. And run:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

Hope you guys find this article useful! If you meet any other Magento 2 install errors, be free to comment below and we are ready to help.

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