What Are Hot Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Online Sales?


1. E-commerce Is Overwhelmed By mCommerce

To begin with, eCommerce refers to the buying and selling of products and services by using electronic systems such as the Internet, while mCommerce (eCommerce’s subcategory) happens only through telecommunication devices. There are 2 main reasons that mCommerce will gradually take over eCommerce in the future:

  • Social Networks help to boost mCommerce: First, nearly 75% of the total time online customers spend on social networks. Second, many popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are adding the shopping function on their apps. Therefore, the number of online sales from users using smartphones or other similar devices is increasing significantly with the help of social networks.
  • The Younger love Mobile: Roughly 60% of current online shoppers now are young people. In the future, this proportion will definitely grow much higher since this generation will get married, become the breadwinner, and decide family spendings. As the result, there will be a strong development of mCommerce.


2. Live Streaming Video is Everywhere

Selling through live streaming video has emerged as a phenomenon recently with the help of Facebook. This method is suitable for most types of businesses, from small to large-scale. It is predicted that the trend will, even more, explode in the near future because of the following reasons:

  • The businesses can reach exactly their target audience: The video viewers are the followers of that Facebook account plus the number of viewers’ social friends who might share common interests.
  • Video streamers generate huge volumes of direct sales: One of the unique points of streaming selling is that it might bring about immensely more direct online sales than any other channel. The first thing is that the purchasers can see their wanted products in the real life in comparison to the perfect products images on the website (under magical change of photoshop). Also, by communicating directly, the viewers can ask anything they still wonder about that item and receive feedback immediately.
  • Not much money is spent on video live streaming: When the seller starts a video, the system will automatically notify the followers, which means that there is no cost to promote the video. What actually costs you might be the fee for renting a good seller, who is good at communicating and persuading customers to buy instantly.

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