How To Add A PDF File To Shopify Product Page (Or Other File Formats)

how to add a pdf file to shopify

Shopify is a popular platform for creating online stores. It offers a range of features to help store owners showcase their products and services, as well as manage their sales and customers. However, there are some limitations to what Shopify can do out-of-the-box. One such limitation is the ability to add files to product pages, such as user guides, technical specifications, menus, product catalogs, promotional details, warranties, certificates, and licenses. In this blog post, we will explore why it is necessary to add files, particularly PDF files, to Shopify product pages and how to add a PDF file to Shopify in the best way possible.

Why Is It Necessary To Upload Files To Your Product Pages?

As mentioned, Shopify allows store owners to showcase their products and services, but there are some limitations to what can be shown. By uploading files to product pages, store owners can provide their customers with additional information that can help them make informed purchase decisions.

attach files

For example:

  • Electronic stores – provide technical specifications, user manuals, and warranty information
  • Food and beverage stores – provide menus and nutrition information
  • Clothing stores – provide size charts, fabric information, or care instructions for their garments
  • Beauty and cosmetics stores – provide ingredient lists and product instructions
  • Furniture stores – provide assembly instructions and warranty information

Uploading files to product pages can also help store owners provide proof of authenticity, such as a certificate of authenticity for a luxury item or a license for a software product.

Make sure that the files you upload have a professional layout, are easy to read, and contain attractive visuals. After all, the documents will be viewed by potential customers, so you need to ensure they are as engaging as possible – just like your product descriptions and photos. 

Thankfully, you can edit PDF documents easily with a free online PDF editor and make them more compelling and visually appealing.

Does Shopify Support Uploading Those Files?

Yes, Shopify does support uploading files to product pages to some extent.

Store owners can upload their files to the Shopify Files folder (Dashboard > Contents > Files > Upload Files), get the generated link, and then add it to the product page.

Add a Downloadable PDF to Shopify

While it’s common advice to create an “Image with Text” section on your product page and attach a file link to a download button, this approach has a few limitations to consider. Firstly, you’ll need to create content, including an image and description text, for the button. Secondly, sharing the same link across all product pages may not be practical.

how to upload a pdf to shopify

Another way is adding the link to the description of each product, which will enable you to use different links for different products. However, it will take a considerable amount of time. Not yet, adding links among descriptions might not make the downloadable files standout, and the customers can easily ignore them.

Add A PDF Download In Product Descriptions Shopify

What Is The Best Way To Upload Files To Shopify Product Pages?

The Ease Product Attachments app for Shopify is the best solution for adding files to your product pages, especially if you want to avoid the limitations of the default Shopify features.

product attachments

This app allows you to create separate and standout blocks or sections for product attachments, making them more visible to your customers. Plus, you can attach eye-catching icons of your choice to improve the visual appeal of your product pages.

how to upload pdf file in shopify

With this app, you can easily upload different file formats and assign them to all products, specific products, or specific collections in just a few clicks – without the need to add links to each product description.

Using this app is simple and intuitive. You can upload a PDF file to your product pages (or any other files) in just a few simple steps:

  • Upload your attachment files and assign them to your products
  • Add icons to your attachment files
  • Create a section or block of product attachments on your product page template
  • Edit the product attachments block/section as you want, such as editing the title and showing/hiding the file icon and size

This app is a must-have for any Shopify store looking to provide valuable files to their customers.

Wrapping Up

Providing attachment files on your Shopify product pages can greatly benefit your store by providing customers with essential information such as user guides, technical specifications, menus, product catalogs, promotional details, warranties, certificates, and licenses.

If you’re wondering how to add a PDF file to Shopify or any other file format, the free Shopify Ease Product Attachments app is an excellent solution to overcome Shopify’s constraints. By using the app, store owners can make their attachment files standout on product pages, improving the customer experience and increasing the likelihood of sales. With just a few simple steps, store owners can easily upload PDF files to Shopify product pages or any other file format, creating an improved shopping experience for their customers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your store and provide customers with the information they need. Try the Ease Product Attachments app today.

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